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Life is only what you wonder.

Saturday, November 29, 2003

Say Goodbye

The Club Allegro, which had been around for over 30 years, shut it's doors for good last week.

Goodbye to The Allegro, the very first club where I danced under the mirror ball.
Goodbye to my favorite bartenders: Phil, who always had a joke or funny story to tell, and David who was very nice to look at.
I won't be seeing barback Jason at the door anymore--he gives the best hugs!

I had alot of good times there. I had a couple of bad times there too, but that was only 'cause of drama going on in my life at the time.
I'll miss going there, but I'll always remember that place.

Somewhere in my mind, my 18 year old self, eyes open with with delight and wonder, dances there still.