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Life is only what you wonder.

Monday, November 17, 2003

The Server's Curse

Server's know voodoo. It's true, I tell you!
Piss one off and you could invoke the curse.
You don't believe me? Just read the following and decide for yourself:

  • Helen G. "forgot" to tip her waitress, Doris, at the Last Stop Diner in Tucson, AZ, and later that day she fell down a flight of stairs, dislocating her hip!

  • Carrie M. from Buffalo, NY, berated her waiter, Jerome, for "taking too damn long" with her order and later her husband left her, taking with him their two children and the family dog, Rufus!

  • John Wayne B. made crude sexual suggestions to his waitress, Rita, at the Flamingo Lounge in Manassaa, VA, and later his wife cut off his penis and threw it out the window!

  • Zelda P. ran her waiter, Jimmy, practically to death at a Family Steakhouse in Baltimore, MD and then left without tipping. As she was leaving, Jimmy put the boogaloo on her.
    Who knows what's going to happen to her, but you can just bet it's gonna be bad! Really, really bad!