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Life is only what you wonder.

Wednesday, November 12, 2003

Stay Golden

It's uncanny how differently (sometimes way differently) you see or picture yourself in your head, and what other people see or perceive about you.
The other day after work I changed my clothes in the men's room because I was going out to the bar and didn't want to be rockin' my food-splattered uniform.
This was before I got my hair done, so my hair was kind of longish, but I had put some Goop© in it so I thought it looked OK. I was wearing jeans and a white t-shirt and my favorite black leather jacket. I wasn't dressing to impress, I was just going to have a few alcoholic beverages and then head home.
Anyhoo, I was just heading toward the exit when Melissa calls out to me: "Hey, Ponyboy!"
I'm like "Huh? What did you call me?"
"You goin' to the rumble, Ponyboy?" she said, grinning.
And then I got it.
"Oh. The Outsiders."

Earlier that same night, I'm in the server station just goofing off. It was too early to start closing stuff down, I'd done everything I could to my section to prepare it for closing (refilling sugar caddies, sweeping under the booths, etc.) and I had just checked my guests and they were happily munching their food.
So I'm singing "P.I.M.P." by 50 Cent and snacking on some french fries with a side of bleu cheese dressing and Vita comes in the station and hears me singing.
"No, you are not!" she says.
"No I am not, what?"
"No you are not singing 50 Cent!" she said, and starts laughing.

Here I'm thinking I'm a cosmopolitan, metropolitan, man of the world kinda guy.
I guess I'd better think again!

I'll be spending the rest of the day doing stuff around the house. After G. gets back from running errands, he's going to be working around the house too.
Thrilling, right? But it's not going to do itself.
We got this really nice border for the top of the living room walls and I'm going to attempt to put it up all by myself.
It's self-adhesive--all you do it dip it in warm water.
How hard can that be?

After that, it's over to Grand Central for cocktails as a reward!