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Life is only what you wonder.

Wednesday, December 03, 2003

It's Comin' On

Here's what's going on:
  • I've been sleeping too darn much and having really strange dreams that I can't remember when I wake up.
    I really hate that. I've I've got to dream, why can't I remember it?

  • G.'s coming down with a cold or a bug or a virus or something. This means I have to be extra sweet to him and try to make him better.

  • Trying to winterize the house, so it's not so drafty. I'm going to be putting plastic over the windows and fixing the front or back doors so cold air soesn't get in.

  • I'm tired of going out. I'm tired of staying in.
    I don't know what I want!

  • They've only been playing Christmas carols at work for five days and I'm already sick of them.

  • Looking forward to seeing It's a Wonderful Life again this year. It's my favorite holiday movie.

  • I will not, can not in a house, with a mouse, in a box, with a fox: I will not go to see The Cat in the Hat.
    Nope. No way! You can't make me!
    Can you guess why?
    They're advertising it too damn much! I walked into Rite-Aid and there's TCITH crap everywhere.
    I said this a few years ago about the Ron Howard's The Grinch and I'm proud to say I still haven't seen that movie.

  • Me and the husband (the husband and I?) discussed how we were going to "do" Christmas this year. We decided we were going to do what we did last year and buy one really nice thing we both want as our Christmas presents to each other. We did that last year with the Playstation 2.
    Of course, I'll still buy him something anyway.