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Life is only what you wonder.

Wednesday, December 03, 2003

On A Mission

The other day we had about 30 or so young and fresh looking Mormon boys come and eat in the restaraunt.
Guess whose section they sat in?

I just love Mormon boys. Ther're so polite and respectful. They're so cute. So sweet. So innocent.
Their innocence just makes you just want to corrupt them, doesn't it?
They're sexy because they're so innocent and devout
Corrupting a Mormon boy would be like walking across a field covered with freshly fallen snow.
One of them, a cute guy with these big blue eyeswho couldn't have been any older than 17, (his name tag said "The Elder Mr. Packham" or something like that) wanted to come to my home and talk to me about the Latter Day Saints, but I told him no thanks.
These boys must be pretty fearless, asking to come over people houses! There's no shortage of wackos in this world.

Speaking of Mormons and wackos, anyone else ever see the movie Orgazmo?