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Life is only what you wonder.

Wednesday, December 10, 2003

Q & A

I just found this. Feel free to copy the questions (along with your answers, of course) and post them on your own blog or journal.
Time now: 1:59pm (EST)
Middle name? Dee (like Billy Dee Williams)
Place of birth? Baltimore, MD
How long did you live there? Still here. (I did move to Wahington DC for 2 years, but I've been back for 10.)
Favorite class in school? Art
What flavor of ice cream? Cookies 'N' Creme
Favorite road trip? Fort Lauderdale, FL
Croutons or bacon bits? Both.
Age you lost your virginity? 15 years old
Age when you first fell in love? 18 years old
Friend most likely to commit a crime with you? Most likely? I guess G.
City in the world you wished you lived in? NYC.
Favorite place you ever traveled to? Montreal, Canada
When was the last time you were disappointed? Last week at work when I was in a bad section and we were slow. I was expecting to make more money.
Beach or sightseeing? Sightseeing. I love the beach, but I burn easily.
What's your greatest fear? Castration
What's the best gift you ever received? My bracelets. I have two, one for each wrist. I wear them almost every day.
How would you like to die? Whatever, as long as it's painless.
When's your birthday? 10/22
What do you dislike most about your appearance? That I'm so skinny and scrawny. I always wanted big muscles.
What was the last thing you won? A free 20oz. Mountain Dew from a bottle cap. Whee!
Heat it up or eat it cold? Eat it cold
Do you speak any other languages besides English? Nope.
When was the last time you hurt someone? Last week.
What did you do? I got into an arguement with G. and in the heat of the moment I said some things I shouldn't have. Typical "spousal stuff", I guess.
Name one person you would love to meet in person (not a famous person)? Joey.
Time now: 2:09pm (EST)