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Life is only what you wonder.

Thursday, December 04, 2003

The Survey Says:

About a week ago, I, along with many other bloggers, was asked to take a Blogging Survey.
Well, the results are in, and here they are!
Asterisks (*) indicate which answer I chose.

1. How often do you blog or update your blog?

Once a Day 28.9%
More than once in a day 23.9%
*2-4 Times a Week or more 33.6%
Once a Week 8%
Less than Weekly 5.6%

Summary: Bloggers are quite active online, 52.8% of all bloggers surveyed update their blogs atleast once a day.

86.4% of bloggers surveyed blog or update their blogs more than once a week.

2. Where do you blog?

At work 4.8%
*At home or at leisure 47%
At both home and work 48.2%

Summary: While most bloggers do not blog only at work (only 4.8% do), 53% of those bloggers surveyed do blog in the workplace (at work, or at both home and work).

3. How many blogs do you own?

*One blog 56.2%
Two blogs 22.8%
Three blogs 11.3%
Four blogs 5.1%
Five or more 4.6%

Summary: While most bloggers only own one blog, a large amount, 43.8%, own more than one blog.

21% of all bloggers surveyed own three blogs or more.

4. Do you run paid advertising in your blog?

Yes 13.4%
*No 86.6%

Summary: Only 13.4% of the bloggers surveyed run advertising in their blogs. Recently a large amount of advertising networks including BlogAds, Google’s AdSense (no personal blogs), and Skoobie have been open to running ads on smaller web sites and blogs.

5. If you do not run advertising in your blog, why not?

I want to, but I do not know how 15.7%
My free blog host does not allow it 10.1%
*Do not want to 43.5%
Blogs and advertising do not mix 15%
Other reason 15.7%

58.5% of bloggers who do not run advertising on their blog claim that the reason is because they do not want advertising or feel that advertising does not belong on blogs.

50.6% of all bloggers surveyed are not open to running advertising on their blogs.

10.1% may be barred from running advertising by their blog host, although they can still run affiliate links in their blog content if they choose.

Other reasons for not running advertising include:
“Not sure it will add to the quality of my blog”
“My readership isn’t big enough for advertising to really do me any good, and it would just annoy what readers I do have”
“Not something I’ve ever considered”

6. Have you ever been approached by a company or organization asking you to blog about them or their product?

Yes 9.3%
*No 90.7%

Summary: An overwhelming amount of bloggers, 90.7%, have never been contacted by a company or organization with product or service information, asking the blogger to blog about them. This may be because the public relations industry has yet to direct a large amount of its efforts towards bloggers.

7. Would you blog about a company’s product or an organization if they emailed or asked you?

Yes I would 5.2%
Yes, if the product or organization was relevant to my blog content 26.9%
*I would review their organization or product and blog my thoughts on them, good or bad 41.8%
No, I do not blog about companies that email or contact me 26.1%

Summary: Although the majority of bloggers have yet to be contacted by a company or organization with blogging info related to a product or service, 73.9% off all bloggers are open to receiving and blogging about such information.

This is in vast contrast to advertising where only 29.4% of all bloggers surveyed are open to running ads (run advertisements or would like to).

However, 41.8% of bloggers may be open to PR contacts, but are willing to post a negative review in their blog if they do not like the product.

The PR industry has to be extra careful with bloggers by first reading their material, likes and dislikes, and then, pitching product or service information customized to the blogger.

Bloggers are more open to public relations efforts than the are for running advertising.

8. What kind of blog do you own (or manage)?

Movable Type Hosted on own domain 15.4%
WordPress hosted on own domain 4.1%
PMachine hosted on own domain 2.5%
Blogger hosted on own domain 12.8%
*Blogger Blogspot hosted blog 39.5%
Blog-City hosted blog 4.4%
TBlog hosted blog 3.9%
Typepad/Blogs.com 4.9%
Other 29.3%

Summary: The majority of bloggers surveyed, 52.3%, use Google’s Blogger as their blogging platform of choice. In addition, over 52.7% of all bloggers surveyed use a blog hosting service such as blogspot, blog-city, tblog, or TypePad to host their blogs.

Other blog platforms answered by respondents include RadioLand, Salon, MoBlog, Xanga, and LiveJournal.

9. Where do you find the info or news that you blog about (please check all that apply)?

Sites that I check regularly 68.5%
*Other blogs 58.9%
*Friends 54.3%
News Sites and Online News Papers 47.7%
Google News 33.8%
Online Forums 25.6%
Email News Alerts 22.8%
Weird News Sites 20.8%
Yahoo News 19%
RSS News Aggregators 17.5%
Moreover News 5.1%
MSN Newsbot 0.7%
*Other 20.8%

Other included newspaper, TV, magazine, life experiences, and cosmic rays from outerspace.

10. Why do you blog?
*For fun 73.6%
To write 66.6%
*To reach out to the world 55.9%
*To cope 23.4%
For work 12.6%
For money 7%
Other 20.8%