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Life is only what you wonder.

Wednesday, December 17, 2003

Top Ten

My favorite gay-themed movies:

The Boys In The Band (1970) - Homosexuals are portrayed as tragic figures, full of self-loathing and angst. This movie was one of the very first gay-themed films.
Originally, I wasn't going to include this movie, but it does have one redeeming quality: it shows you exactly how far we've come in over 30 years. (Warning: this movie is very depressing. Watch a comedy or an episode of Will and Grace afterward as a pick-me-up.)

Making Love (1982) - Kate Jackson is married to Michael Ontkean (this movie and Twin Peaks are his only claims to fame), unaware that he is living a secret gay life, eventually becoming lovers with the hunky Harry Hamlin.
A good movie that not only shows the quest for Michael's character to find love and fulfillment, but also portrays the meat-market aspect of the gay subculture.

Consenting Adult (1985) - Young shy Jeff discovers his attraction to men. After struggling with himself, he comes out to his parents (Marlo Thomas and Martin Sheen), who try to come to terms that their son is gay.
This was a TV movie of the week.

Torch Song Trilogy (1988) - This film tells the story of Arnold (Harvey Firestein), who is a female impersonator, and his quest to find love and acceptance in a world in which he has never truly belonged.
This is a fantastic movie, great for it's story, excellent casting and fabulous for it's quotes.
The adorable Matthew Broderick plays Arnold's lover, Alan.

Longtime Companion (1990) - A film about a group of gay friends in the early eighties and the start of the AIDS epidemic.
Break out the Kleenex before you watch it, 'cause this one's a tearjerker.

Beautiful Thing (1996) - Jamie and Ste are teenage boys coming to terms with their sexuality, and their growing attraction to one another.
Their friend Leah, a black chick who adores Mama Cass is hilarious.
The ending is upbeat, leading you to believe there's a happy ending in store for the couple.

Get Real (1998) - Steven, a teenager living in England (played by Ben Silverstone), falls in love with John, the school jock. Fortunately, John falls in love with him, too. John, however, has a straight reputation to uphold.
This becomes a problem when Steve wants to Get Real about himself and his lover.

Edge of Seventeen (1998) - I could totally relate to almost everything in this movie.
This movie encapsulates the experiences of many young gay men: First love/lust, first club experience (complete with anonymous sexual encounter), loss of a friend who can't deal with homosexuality, parents finding out, etc.

Trick (1999) - What should have been just a casual sexual encounter between two men gets complicated as they bounce all over downtown Manhattan as fate, friends, and misunderstandings conspire to keep them from consummating their passion.
This one's a favorite, not just for it's very attractive cast and superb acting, but because it ends on a positive note.

The Broken Hearts Club (2000) - A fresh, funny, real story about a group of gay men in Hollywood and their lovers and friends. It's a movie about something everyone can relate to: how screwy and disfunctional friends can be, but also how wonderful. Dean Cain (who played sexy Superman/Clark Kent in the series Lois and Clark) is in this one.