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Life is only what you wonder.

Thursday, January 15, 2004

Blogging Quiz

There are no wrong answers, just improbable ones.

1.) You want to post something to your blog, but your mind is a total blank. The best thing to do is . . .
A- take one of those blog quizzes and post the results.
B- link to a news article or a post to another blog you find interesting.
C- participate in a meme like The Friday Five.
D- wait for inspiration to come.

2.) People at your job have discovered your blog. You . . .
A- change your URL or password-protect it.
B- edit your blog of any emarrassing incidents.
C- do nothing. There's nothing there you would be emarrassed about.
D- are secretly pleased at the attention.

3.)Your signifigant other reads your blog. Sadly, you break up. When posting to your blog after that, you . . .
A- are honest about how you feel and what's going on in your life. You've never sensored yourself before, so why should you start now?
B- Vent your anger and post about what a heartless insensitive son of a bitch he is.
C- mention the break-up in a matter-of-fact way, not placing any blame on anyone. Venting may make you feel better, but it could just make things worse.
D- post something vague like "Boy, couples don't stay together very long nowadays, do they?"

4.) Another blogger asks you to post a link to their weblog on your blog. You . . .
A- immediately go to blogrolling.com and add them to your blogroll.
B- email them back with a "You link to me, I'll link to you" kind of arrangement.
C- Check out their weblog, but only link to it if it's interesting.
D- Read their blog for quite awhile to make sure if it's something you really want to link to. You're not going to link to just anything.

My answers:
1.) D. B or C only as a last resort. 2.) C. There's no shame in my game. 3.) A is defin'ly the way to go. 4.) C. I just don't arbritrarily add links to my blogroll. It's a "special people club". And I would have to be pretty uppity to choose "D" for that final question, wouldn't I?