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Life is only what you wonder.

Wednesday, January 07, 2004

He's Got Potential

Yesterday evening the husband and I were sitting around drinking wine and talking about all kinds of things.
Some of them were important things, but most of it was just trivial stuff--idle conversation.
When we started getting into a conversation about the guys (the real-life guys, not movie stars or models) that we each thought were sexy, I stared getting nervous and didn't know whether I should change the subject or not.
In the past, whenever we've ventured into this topic, either one of us gets upset or resentful at something the other one said, or it starts an argument or something.
I hate that, so while I was talking I was keeping an ear wide open, listening for anything going awry.
Amazingly enough, that didn't happen this time.
We started to discuss the merits of this guy or that, and best parts of this one or that one.
I can look at a guy and see his potential, i.e. what he could be if he just changed a few things. Alot of people can't do this. They only see what's right in front of them.
I see a guy and think "OK, if this guy lost 5 pounds or so, worked out and got a little more toned, wore different clothes and shoes, shaved off the mustache, got contact lenses and a decent haircut, this guy would be totally hot!"
(Where's my makeover show?)
Anyway, it was a really good conversation, and afterward we ended up having some of the hottest sex ever.
We need to have conversations like that a little more often, I think.