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Life is only what you wonder.

Thursday, January 29, 2004

I'm Here! I'm Queer!

Someone wrote me recently asking me why I "write about 'gay stuff' so often" and added "There are other things to write about, you know".
I was going to post their entire email along with their email address, but I'll be nice and keep them anonymous.
How they meant the question and how I took it might be completely different.
However, this is my response:
Letters like the one I recieved make me want to write about My Big Fat Gay Life even more. Why? Because straight people Just Don't Get It.
It pisses me off that some people have "no problem" with me being gay, but when I start talking about it, suddenly that's "too much information" and I "shoudn't have gone there". It's OK to be gay as long as you don't talk about it?
Don't hold your breath, 'cause it ain't gonna happen.
It pisses me off how gay men are portrayed in the media: stylish, witty, with an eye for decorating and fashion, lonely, sad souls unlucky-in-love, backstabbing bitches, the single straight gal's best pal and confidante and/or drag queens on parade.
It pisses me off that religious nuts spew nothing but hate for gay people, calling people like me "faggot" and saying that I will surely burn in Hell.
It pisses me off that someone like me was strung up on a wooden fence, beaten and bludgeoned and left to die on a cold night in Wyoming, just for being gay.
I am not a spokesperson for the gay community. I don't claim to speak for all gay people everywhere.
I'm just a human being who will continue living, loving, and making mistakes--just like everyone else. I have never claimed to be any kind of role model.
I just tell it the way I see it.
The reason I write about "gay issues" so frequently is because It's something I care very deeply about.
The same way a feminist might write about misogyny, or a black person might write about racial discrimination. It's not like I plan it out and think "Oh, my gosh! It's been three days since I wrote about being gay!"
When something's on my mind I write about it, how I feel about it, how it affects me.
I'm compelled to do that. It's what my blog is for.
It's my Prime Directive.