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Life is only what you wonder.

Tuesday, January 06, 2004

It's All Been Done

The holidays are over.
It's been nearly a week since the new year began, so it's time for everyone to take your Christmas tree down, take all the lights off your porch and windows, take down the tinsel and the wreath on your door and any other Christmas-y crap, and put all of it in a box until next year, mmmmkay?

By the way, what's the statute of limitations on saying "Happy New Year"?
If I see a friend next week and I haven't seen him since before the new year, is it OK to say "Happy New Year"?
How 'bout if I see him in March? The year is already over two months old. It's not exactly a "New year" anymore, is it?
I'm thinking January 31st is the cut-off point. After that, saying "Happy New Year" seems pretty ridiculous.

All of that suspense just for this? I think I liked him better with his face covered.