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Life is only what you wonder.

Tuesday, January 13, 2004

Shiny Chatty People

Frenzi: Hey, you!
Wonder Boy: Hey! Wuzzup?
Frenzi: Nothing really.
Frenzi: U?
Wonder Boy: Deleting junk mail from my INBOX. If I don't keep it in check
Wonder Boy: it gets out of control.
Frenzi: I haven't seen you out and about lately.
Wonder Boy: That's cuz I haven't been out.
Wonder Boy: I've been working like a dog.
Wonder Boy: Anything exciting going on?
Frenzi: I went to the new levi/leather bar the other night.
Frenzi: Spike.
Frenzi: The bartender who used to work at Grand Central works there now.
Wonder Boy: Chris?
Frenzi: Yup! ;)
Wonder Boy: Holy @#$%!
Wonder Boy: I deninitely need to stop by there then!
Frenzi: So when R we going 2 go out and paint the town? Just
Frenzi: because U have a "husband" doesn't mean you have to stay home
Frenzi: all the time.
Wonder Boy: I know. You're right.
Frenzi: I'm planning to go to Grand Central tonight.
Frenzi: Why don't you come out?
Wonder Boy: Maybe.
Wonder Boy: Don't hold your breath, though!
Frenzi: OK, well it would be great to see you
Frenzi: if you come, but if you don't, I'll just see you later.
Frenzi: It was good to run into you on here.
Wonder Boy: Yeah, good to talk to you too.
Wonder Boy: It's been awhile.
Frenzi: I gotta go. Don't be a stranger, OK?
Wonder Boy:I won't. I promise!!!
Frenzi: See ya! :)
Wonder Boy: Bye!