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Life is only what you wonder.

Tuesday, February 17, 2004

It Ain't No Use, You Might As Well Get Loose

We've been mad busy at the restaurant all weekend.
From Friday (Valentine's Eve) through Monday (Presidents' Day) there was nothing but lines out the door for hours.
I was supposed to have off today, but a coworker needed today off, so I went in anyway.
I figured I'd just be sittin' at home picking my nose, so why not make a couple dollas.

Please allow me to rant for just a moment:
I hate President's Day.
It's one of those "holidays" that's always on a Monday (like Memorial Day, Labor Day, and Columbus Day) and it's just an inconvenience. School is out so the rugrats are running around rampant, transit busses are on a holiday schedule, alot of businesses are closed, and God help you if you need to go to the Library for something. Mail isn't delivered either, which bites. It's not that I get alot of mail, it's just I always forget it's a holiday and I check the mailbox and there's nothing there. Then it hits me.
I remember when there wasn't a Presidents' Day. There was Washington's Birthday (February 22) and Lincoln's Birthday (February 12) and nobody got any days off. People just remembered that George and Abraham were born and went about their daily lives, going to school and learning something or going to work and earning an honest days wages.
I guess I wouldn't mind it so much, except it's one of those days when it's next to impossible for me to request off, so I end up working like a dog while the rest of the world enjoys itself.
OK, I feel better now.

I was talking to this guy at work, Tony. I had only ever spoken to him in passing. "Hello" and "Howya doin'?" and "Seeya later" was the extent of our conversations.
He seemed like a nice guy, but I never knew for sure, you know?
Anyway, we were just talking about music and I mentioned the band Dynamite Hack and he actually knew who they were and had the CD and everything, which was amazing to me because nobody I had ever talked to had even heard of them.
He told me he was a bass player in a band and when I asked what the name of the band was, he said it didn't have a name yet. Then he asked if I had any suggestions.
Ha! Finding names for things is one of my hidden talents.
Like Adam in the Garden of Eden, I could give names to all the animals and everything in the universe.
I though about it for a moment and then I suggested the name "Liquid Chicken".
Isn't that a fantastic name for a group?
"Liquid Chicken".
It just rolls of the tongue, doesn't it?
He looked a little skeptical, but he promised that he'd get back to the other members with my suggestion and see what they thought about it.
Anyway, Tony comes back at me later and said "Liquid Chicken" didn't quite work for them, but they liked the "Liquid" part and decided to call the band Liquid Nursery.
Then, he told me that since I helped name them I get a complimentary CD when they record one, and they're planning on recording one soon.
That's pretty cool.

Question of the day: Is anyone as sick of hearing about Janet Jackson's breast as I am?