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Life is only what you wonder.

Sunday, February 22, 2004

I've Got A Pocket Full Of Kryptonite

When you're a waiter, it's your service that makes you your money, not what section your in, but it's a definite fact that some sections are better than others.
Some tables turn faster, some are closer to the wait station, you get the picture.
I had been in kind of crappy sections all week and I was looking forward to a good section.
I was expecting it.
So yesterday when I strolled in to work I saw that I was in the back of the restaurant near the Banquet Room --yet again! I was just in that section the day before yesterday!
I totally went off.
I hardly ever lose my temper, so whenever I do people are just amazed. I went to Cathy, the manager, and gave her a piece of my mind.
She's so unapologetic. She basically said she already posted it and she wasn't going to change it.
I was so pissed when she walked away, I nearly threw something at her.
So yesterday just sucked.
I made decent money anyway, but that's not the point.

This waiter at work, D., who always acted all stuck up and pompous, like he was so much better than not just me, but everyone else. Like he's God's gift to the world.
Everyone knows someone like that, I guess.
So I naturally came to the conclusion that he was just an 100% asshole. I don't have to like someone to work with them, so he was just someone who was there, you know?
Anyway, the other day D. was in the section next to mine and he was humming something--something that sounded somewhat familiar, so I asked him what it was. It turned out to be Eve 6, one of my favorite bands, and amazingly, one of his.
Before I knew it we were having an actual conversation, something I never expected to happen--ever.
We ended up talking so long the Head Wait, Linda, came over and said,
"Come on, guys, get your stuff done. I want to go home sometime tonight."
I doubt we'll ever be best friends or anything, but he turned out to be somewhat OK, once he deflated his ego a little.

I just got a surprise email from my old buddy Riki whom I haven't spoken with in several years.
I just finished writing him back.
That's just cool.