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Life is only what you wonder.

Friday, February 13, 2004

The Negative People

Sometimes it's a pain in the ass dealing with certain people on a daily basis.
Here's a few examples of Negative People. See if you recognize any of these people in your own lives.
Two Face - They're so phoney, they should be working at AT&T.
They seem like they're kind and sympathetic, but don't bee fooled. Mention something that went awry in passing and they'll say something like "Oh, that's terrible!" or "I'm so sorry to hear that!" or "I'll say a prayer for you, bless your heart!"
The words themselves seem innocent enough, but they say them with a slight smile on their face and their tone suggests they are actually gleeful about your misfortune.
They also take great delight in playing the "he said / she said" game, trying to provoke an argument between people and then sitting back and watching the entertainment.

The Bitch on Wheels - She has permanent PMS.
Nothing's right. Everything Sucks. Including her attitude. She bitches about her work, her husband, her kids. There's always something to bitch about, and when there's not she'll find something.

The Sad Sack - They have more issues than a newsstand.
The Sad Sack is a sibling to the Bitch on Wheels, only instead of expressing anger, they express pathos and gloom. Gloom and doom.
The Sad Sack will tell you all of their troubles (and there are plenty of them) and then ask advice which they never take. They look at the dark side of any situation. They rain on your parade and will gladly rain on yours if you let them.

Miss Loquacious - She could talk the ears off a brass monkey.
Not as insidious as the people above, Miss Loquacious is simply annoying. She just never shuts up. She drones on and on and your eyes glaze over. Anything going through her mind comes right out of her mouth.

Mr. or Miss Fabulous - They're so fabulous (and you're so not).
They go to fabulous places, wear fabulous clothes, attend the most fabulous parties with the most fabulous people.
They deliver this "information" with a smirk, and their tone suggests "Don't you wish your life was this wonderful?"

I'm a happy peppy person and people like that just drain me. If I spend too much time around those people I feel used up, like I have no energy. Like they're sucking at my very life force like some sort of psychic vampires.
I avoid them at all costs.