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Life is only what you wonder.

Tuesday, February 10, 2004

Nothing But Treble

I woke up today and put on some tunes and I just wailed right along.
Very refreshing.
Kind of like Karaoke, but I'm all by myself.

I was listening to the album Schubert Dip by EMF. There's something about lead singer James Atkin's breathy vocalizing that just does it for me.
And that british accent doesn't hurt either.
During "When you're Mine" when he sings the suggestive lyrics

When will you do it?
When will your hands touch me?
When will I feel yours in mine?
I get shivers.

When I listen to music I turn down the bass and pump up the treble.
I'm a lyrical type person.
If the vocals are garbled, there are no vocals, or I can't understand the words, I can't really get into the song.

I was singing Ludacris at work yesterday and one of my co-workers said to me,
"Jimmy, you is so gansta!"
It is so true!
I am so gangsta I can't hardly stand myself.
I should probably try to hook up with these guys.

I'm kind of tired after working so much this week, but luckily I'm still young so I bounce back pretty easily!