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Life is only what you wonder.

Friday, March 05, 2004

Everyone's A Critic

With my tax money I went hog wild at the CD store and loaded up on some music I've been wanting.
One CD I purchased I think merits a review from me, so here's my best imitation of a music critic:
JC Chasez - Schizophrenic
Admittedly, I was a little dubious looking at the cover of the CD.
JC in a straightjacket?
And the title, Schizophrenic, what was all that about?
JC Chasez - Schizophrenic It turns out the title is totally appropriate. This CD is all over the place with elements of pop, reggae, funk, R&B, and even some techno thrown in for added flavor.
The opening track "Some Girls (Dance With Women)" with it's Latin vibe is the first indication that this definitely ain't NSYNC.
"100 Ways", with it's breathy delivery and slightly racy lyrics ("She's such a sexy dame / I just can't control my thang!") sounds like it should have been done by Robert Palmer. It's not a bad thing.
"All Day I Dream About Sex" starts off with strumming guitars, then halfway into it segues into Jamiroqui-esque techno and then back again.
I challenge anyone to listen to this song and not start bobbing their heads in time with the music, and possibly also singing along. I'll be hearing that song in my head for weeks, I just know it.
"She Got Me" reminds me of Michael Jackson during his Thriller period. Funky.
On "Something Special", JC channels Faith-era George Michael.
Schizophrenic doesn't know what it wants to be.
You've got the ballads you expect ("Lose Myself", "Dear Goodbye") but then you have the funk / reggae / Latin hybrid "Everything You Want" which sounds something like Sting might have done. Also, not a bad thing.
JC wrote all of the songs except for "Shake It", which is the weakest song on the entire CD.
It seems that on Schizophrenic JC is trying to be all things to everyone, and though a few tracks fall a little flat, he pretty much succeeds. There's a little something for everybody on Schizophrenic.
Also, the boy can sing, OK?