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Life is only what you wonder.

Sunday, April 11, 2004

Hoppin' Down The Bunny Trail

Happy Easter!
I'm wishing everyone a big basket full of goodies today!

I am so dreading going to work today.
Starting around 12:30 (right around the time most churches let out) there will be a line out the door at my restaurant. By the time I get there at 2:30 it's going to be crazy.
All the servers will have the wide opened eyed glazed look of a deer caught in headlights and before the night is over, I'll have that very same look on my own face.
I'm going to have dreams (nightmares?) tonight of women in floral print dresses wearing humongous hats and men looking like pastel-colored pimps.

My tips will probably be pretty good, so perhaps I shouldn't complain.

BTW, I just found this site.
I would include a funny satirical comment on it, but it's rendered me utterly speechless.