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Life is only what you wonder.

Thursday, April 15, 2004

I Wrote A Book And Jesus Wasn't In It

    My current list of Things To Do . . .

  • Lose at least 5 pounds by May 1st. Which means no eating cutting down on all the pizza, guacamole-flavored Doritos, and McDonald's cheeseburgers I love so much.

  • Get a DSL internet hookup. (No Fireguy, DSL doesn't stand for Dick Sucking Lips. I already got a set o' those.)

  • Buy a digital camera. I've been doing the Kodak Picture CD thing, but I want to be able to point, click, and upload.

  • Get more club/party gear, or at least a few new outfits for spring.
What's new?
Drinks and good conversation last night with Irish Tex at the Gallery One bar.
The drinks were too strong (and if I'm sayin' that you just know they were really extreme).
8 parts liquor to two parts soda with three lonely ice cubes floating at the top.
The music was pretty good. They had the Muzak on the Hip-Hop channel.
E'rybody in the club gettin' tipsy!
The drinks were so strong they couldn't help it.

I was determined to play pool, but there were too many people waiting.
It would have been hours before I got the chance.

Next I went to The Hippo still hell-bent on playing pool. No such luck. Both pool tables surrounded by womyn.
I don't play pool with lesbians, they're too good. LOL!

Cruised heavily by a cute young boi in blue jeans and a white t-shirt.
I get cruised more now than I did when I was single.
How strange weird ironic frustrating is that?

I'm off to find some trouble to get into.
Who knows, I might even jerk my own adventure.