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Life is only what you wonder.

Wednesday, April 07, 2004

It Feels So Empty Without Me

Guess who's back . . . back again?

That's right, Jimmy, your (humble) narrator and anti-hero is back from his self-imposed exile (AKA "vacation").
It feels so good to be back!
You don't know how much you miss blogging until you take a break from it.
Trust and believe.

"Where did you go?" "What kind of fabulousness (is that even a word?) were you involved in?" I can hear you asking.
Did I visit the fleshpots of Bangkok (where you can rent a willing and eager young man for the entire night for the ridiculously inexpensive sum of seven American dollars)?
Did I lounge at my beachhouse in Naples where my houseboy, Eduardo, rubbed me down with exotic oils and fed me grapes poolside?
Did I get a deep, dark Coppertone tan while sunning on the tranquil beaches of southern California?

The answer is a definite "no" to all of the above.
(Dang it!)

What I did do might sound kind of pedestrian, but I spent the last seven days spending Quality Time with the husband.
No working, no computers, email or internet, and (almost) no telephone.
No stone dead silences while he watches endless reruns of Cops on TV and I've got my nose buried in one book or another.
No "you do your thing, and I'll do mine."
Quality Time.
Relating to one another with very few distractions.

Not that we didn't do anything fun.
We tripped the light fantastic; had a few candlelit dinners; a few evenings spent snuggling in front of the TV watching DVD's we both chose, and walks through the park in the sun, happy to be together, enjoying nature and talking to squirrels.
(Well, I was the one who was talking to squirrels - but I'm crazy like that.)

The reason for all this togetherness?

April 1st was the fifth anniversary since the husband and I first got together.
Five years!
It's the longest I've ever been in a relationship with anybody.
Defin'ly new territory. Not a bad place to explore, though.

I just finished reading what Chris wrote while I was away. Didn't he do a fantasic job? Is he not awesome?
And he did it for free. My cheap ass didn't even offer to buy him a six pack or anything.
That's how cool Chris is.
If I could've had a little brother, I would have wanted one just like Chris.
Of course, he's so cuddly and cute I probably would have wanted to fool around with him - which is incestuous.

On second thought, things are great just the way they are.