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Life is only what you wonder.

Friday, April 16, 2004

You Should Get An Award

Not to be confused with the Bloggies, there are some weblogs that deserve special recognition for one reason or another.
So without further ado, I proudly present . . .
The 2004 Wonder Boy Weblog Awards

Best pixie dust: Glitter For All
Best gay Baltimore-area weblog: The Thoughts of KM
Best weblog by a gay man trapped in a woman's body: Exceptional Mediocrity
Most missed weblog: Nightmare Boy
Best weblog where the author's name, stats, and appearance are almost a total mystery: Addaboy
Best blog template I'd love to steal: Rocka
Weblog most likely to make me nostalgic for the late 80's-early 90's: Zbornak
Best weblog for American Idol updates: Bare Naked Sean
Best poetry weblog: Corey Spears (Plus, he's very dreamy to look at!)
Best "tellin' it like it is" weblog: Cyber Kenny
Best weblog for pics of sexy men: doublecool, Exceptional Mediocrity (tie)
Most surreal weblog: little minx
Best photographs (on a non-PhotoBlog): Towleroad
Best weblog by a rocket scientist: The Launch Pad
Best dairy-free weblog: No Milk, Please
Best weblog for provoking thought: The Dailai Banana
Best weblog by someone who thinks about sex more than I do: Geek Slut
Best (worst?) false advertising: Bare Naked Sean (I'm sure he gets naked but I've never seen it -- and believe me I've looked!)
Best weblog for obscure and almost incomprehensible (but strangely intriguing) posts: The Incredible True Facts of Space!
Blogger most likely to make a comeback: Sprite Boy

If you're on the list, give yourself a gold star.
Great jobs, people!