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Life is only what you wonder.

Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Everybody's Free (To Wear Sunscreen)

I had a pretty good last couple of days.

Work has been going well, the money's been good and I've gotten some really good sections of the restaurant lately.

When things are in my favor, more so than they ought to be (like getting great sections three days in a row, for instance) -- what do I do? I say nothing.
What do I do when I get one crappy section after another? I bitch up a storm.
I guess I'm not the stickler for fairness that I always thought I was. I came to that sad realization yesterday.
But what's the alternative?
Go to my manager and say "I had good sections the last couple of days, Cathy. Put someone else in my section and give me that crappy drafty section by the bathroom"?
Don't hold your breath!

Went out to The Quest the other day after work and ran into Vince who used to work at my restaurant, but has since moved on to greener pastures.
He works at Friday's now and he says the money is really good, and he enjoys his work.
I hadn't seen him in awhile so it was good running into him.

I've got a lot of errands to run today: cashing my paycheck, paying bills, mailing letters, laundry. But I'm off all day, so I can do them at my own speed.
I could actually do some of them tomorrow, because I'm off then too, but I'd rather have an empty slate with nothing on my list that absolutely HAS to be done.

There's been all these reports on TV lately about melanoma and skin cancer.
Telling us just wasn't enough, they've been showing these horrible pictures of cancerous moles that nearly made me lose my lunch.
So another thing on my list for today is to buy some sunscreen with the highest SPF I can find.
Either that or a radiation suit.