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Life is only what you wonder.

Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Hands Off My Power Supply

OK, my "weekend" is here again and I'm so happy not to be working I could just burst (figuratively speaking).

I waited on a group of gay men yesterday and it was like the United Colors of Benetton.
There was a white one, a black one, an Hispanic one, an Asian one, and the other one was possibly Native American, although I wouldn't swear to it.

Not that it matters.

The thing was great about it was seeing all kinds of different people interacting with one another.
I don't know how it is in other regions, but in Baltimore it seems like everything is separated.
You've got your predominantly white bars/clubs (The Hippo, Grand Central), you've got your predominantly black bars (The Sportsman, Club Bunns) but there's nowhere in between.
And if you see an Asian or Hispanic man in either of the bars/clubs I listed above then it's your lucky day!

That's the thing I love about NYC, there's a little of everything there.

After lying around the house jamming to my CD's, which is all I've done today besides get dressed and brush my teeth, I'm about to go downtown to take care of some biz.
It's the usual stuff I do on my first day off: pay some bills, go shopping, and enjoy wearing regular clothes instead of my uniform.
I'm wearing my lucky shoes so absolutely nothing bad can happen to me today.

I'm probably going out tonight.
I don't exactly know where yet.
I know I need to go somewhere new -- someplace I haven't been before.

I'm getting tired of the Same Old Thing.