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Life is only what you wonder.

Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Show It Off!

I just got back from getting a new hairdo.
Anyone who knows me knows what that means . . .
I defin'ly gotta go out tonight and show it off!

There's something about getting my hair done that just makes me feel real good.
I stand taller, walk prouder.
Hell, I might even strut a little and not even notice it! LOL!

Anyway, I know I'm going out somewhere tonight.
I don't know when or where, but it's going to happen.

Life lesson for the day:
Always, always trust your instincts and your intuition.

I was waiting tables yesterday when about twenty old ladies walked into the restaurant and they were all wearing these humongous bright red hats that had all these red feathers, bows, sequins and whatnot all over them.
I thought "What the hell is this, the Red Hat Society?"
So I looked in the reservation book and right there was printed:


Trust and believe.