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Life is only what you wonder.

Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Think Pink

OK, It's been a couple of days, and I log into Blogger to post something and . . .WTF?

Everything is looking all unusual.
The page where I type these clever little posts are all rearranged, the colors are all different.

Actually, I quite like it!
It's less cluttered, and it seems to load a little faster, and I love the Preview Post option.
Change is good.

The last couple of days can only be described a hectic.
Sunday was Mother's Day, and we were hella busy as I suspected we would be.
Last Mother's Day I was working at the other restaurant and I suspected things would be that bad at The Willies, but surprisingly they weren't as bad as I suspected they would be.
The hostesses and servers and busboys all worked together like a well-oiled machine. At the other restaurant it was nothing but chaos and pandemonium.

We had a mammoth amount of differently colored carnations and we were giving them out to all the mothers.
I saw a lot of men wearing pink, and one guy was wearing a carnation pink suit with a pink shirt and pink tie and pink shoes. All he needed was a pink carnation for his lapel -- so I gave him one.
He looked at me like I was nuts when I handed it to him, but dammed if he didn't put it on.

Yesterday was my double shift and I'm off today, but I'm kind of tired.
Mondays are my Fridays, so that makes today Saturday. The rest of the world is stuck in the office pushing papers around and I'm tooling around the city doing whatever I want.
(Unfortunately, it works the other way too.)

There's a carnival that's setting up near my house in the big parking lot of the shopping center down the street.
I'm defin'ly trying to check that out later, have a beer, ride the Tilt-A-Whirl, spin the wheel of fortune, maybe have some cotton candy and then zoom downtown after that for a few cocktails.

I got it all planned out.