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Life is only what you wonder.

Saturday, June 05, 2004

Cannot Hide The Child Inside

My nephew (eight years old) spent the day with us, yesterday. Boy, what a handful!
(Actually, he's G.'s nephew, but he calls me "Uncle Jim" so I guess that makes him my nephew too, right?)

Kids have so much energy! Did I ever have as much energy when I was a child? I suppose I must have.
No wonder my mother was tired all the time -- I must have exhausted her.

Anyhoo, we spent some time watching Spongebob, playing "Go Fish", and reading Dr. Seuss.
Kind of what I would have done anyway except for the "Go Fish" part.

Yes, I'm a big kid.

It's raining in Baltimore right now, and I'm hoping it'll stop before I have to leave for work at 2:30.
Today's my "hump day", so if I can get through this, everything will be OK.