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Life is only what you wonder.

Tuesday, June 15, 2004


So much time and effort goes into planning for Gay Pride (this Saturday and Sunday). I think I spend more time preparing for Pride than I do my birthday or New Year's Eve.
Anyway, here's my list of . . .
    Things To Do Before Pride Weekend

  • Make an appointment at the hair salon for a shape-up and a trim on the sides and back.
    Nancy, a waitress at my work has clippers and she offered to cut it for me in her kitchen.
    Sitting at her Formica table draped in a beach towel smoking and drinking coffee and gossiping about people at work while she clips away does have a certain appeal --and I would certainly save money doing it that way-- but I don't think I should risk it. I've never seen the results of her work, after all.
    Hair is like a hat that you can't take off.

  • Go shopping for a new outfit, or at least a new shirt.
    I need something new to wear and I never did go on that shopping spree I promised myself.
    I've been real careful about eating right the last couple of weeks and I'm feeling terribly thin and sexy, so I simply must get a new outfit!
    It's mandatory.

  • Buy some 35mm film for my camera.
    Look for Pride photos here as soon as I can get them up.
    Probably the Monday after Pride (the 21st), but I'm not promisin' anything.

  • Get on the horn with Michael, Jonny, Ralph, Jeannie and everyone else in my Big Fat Gay telephone book and find out what everyone else is doing and make a game plan.
I don't have to hurry to do any of this though. I've got over four days.

I'm trying not to get too worked up about it all.
The more you anticipate, the more you are disappointed when things don't happen the way you expect them to.
And they never happen the way you expect them to.