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Life is only what you wonder.

Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Fairy Story

The Exiled Prince

nce upon a time, there was a King and Queen who ruled over a magnificent kingdom.
People were happy all over the land, but the King and Queen were not happy at all. Although they had everything they could ever desire, they lacked the one thing that would make them truly happy, for they had no child, no heir to the throne.
They consulted wise men and wizards, learned men and soothsayers trying to break the evil spell that kept them from having the child they so desperatly wanted.
After some time and many things were tried the curse was broken and the kingdom rejoiced as the Queen gave birth to a son.
As the little Prince grew up, the King and Queen's hearts grew more full with love, for he was everything they had hoped he would be: handsome, intelligent, capable. He was their golden child.

As time passed the Prince was often advised that one day he would have to select a Princess to be his bride -- no "common" girl would do.
This dismayed the Prince because he wasn't interesed in Princesses. Not at all. Their ruffles and curls and flounces did nothing to spark his interest.
What he really fancied were the young noblemen of the court, with their tight muscular bodies and rippling sinew - and the stable boys weren't looking too bad either.
The Prince would pass the time with a young Duke and all the time be staring at the Duke's full red lips and wonder what it would be like to kiss them.

He knew he was not like the other young men of the court, but how he felt seemed natural and right to him. It was as if he were meant to be that way.
Surely he was not the only one who was "different" so he sought out the company of other young men who shared his desires.

After some time, the King and Queen (who had spies everywhere and there was nothing that happened in the court was not known to them almost instantly) discovered the Prince's awful secret.
The Queen cried and the King was beside himself with anger. At once, he summoned the Prince to the court and when he arrived, commanded him to kneel before his throne.
"Renounce your wicked ways, my son," the King said, "And I shall be lenient."

The Prince looked up and met his father's gaze and said, "I can no more renounce my ways than I can alter the color of my eyes. I am the way that I am, Father. I cannot change."
"Cannot change? Or will not change?" the King replied, steel in his booming voice.

"I can no more will myself to change my very nature," the Prince replied, "Than you could will yourself to float into the air like a soap bubble. It is not a question of will. I am what I am. It is for you to decide whether you can accept this or not."
Tears were in the Prince's eyes, but his voice was steady and with conviction. There were only a few in the court that were not moved by his words.
Unfortunatly, the King was one of them.

The King, still showing no emotion, said, "Then you leave me no choice. You are hereby banished from the kingdom. As of this moment you are no longer my son, and no longer a Prince. You are to leave my kingdom at once and if you shall ever return here, you shall be instantly killed."
The royal scribes wrote every word of this down, for every word the King uttered was considered law.

The once-Prince rose and left the court and the kingdom, looking behind him not even once.
The ladies-in-waiting did their best to comfort the Queen, but she would not be consoled. Nobody in the court could tell what the King was feeling, or even if he felt at all, for his face was as cold and hard as stone.

The once-Prince, now just an ordinary young man, traveled to a far away land where he was not known and there he had many adventures.
Some were grand and others were tragic, but through it all he learned and grew stronger.
Throughout his adventures he searched far and wide (and kissed a few frogs, and alot of stable boys) looking for the one who was to be his true love, but alas, none could be found.

One day it came to pass that the young man met a handsome Prince of his own, and they fell in love, and after some time passed they pledged themselves to one another and vowed to live their lives together for all time.

Although he lived well, and he was very happy, from time to time he could not help but think of the Kingdom that he left behind, and of his aging parents alone upon their gilded and velvet thrones.
And he wondered if they ever thought of him, and wondered also what would happen if ever he should return there.

Nobody knows whether the once-Prince ever returned to his former kingdom. It is not even known whether he and the Prince he found ever lived "happily ever after", although it seemed as though they would.

What is known without a doubt is this:
He lived his life the best way that he could, and he was always true to himself.
And that meant more to him than diamonds or gold, or a crown or a throne, or a kingdom.

The End