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Life is only what you wonder.

Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Hey Ya!

My baby don't mess around because she loves me so an' dis I know fo' sho!

I just love that song. It's so thug.

For a change of pace I went to Gallagher's last night with a friend of mine.
Why go to a lesbian bar? Mostly because it's somewhere different.
It's nothing fancy, believe me. Just a hole in the wall dive for dykes. But it's someplace I don't frequent that often, and therein lied it's appeal.
It's going to be some time before I go there again.

    Here's what went down:
The woman (womyn?) behind the bar acted like it was an inconvenience to wait on us.
She didn't even greet us!
She sighed, rolled her eyes up in her head, and made this big show about how she was summoning all her energy to come over and see what we wanted.

The first thing out of her mouth wasn't "Hello" or "How ya doin'?" it was "You guys have ID?"
As much as I'm secretly pleased whenever I get carded, it was obvious she was only doing it to be difficult.

So we order our drinks and all the time she's making them she's got this expression on her face like she smells something bad.
My friend's eyes are buggin and he's looking at me like "What's her problem?"
So the drinks are made and I pay for them, and I leave $2 on the bar as a tip.

(That's how I tip my bartenders. $1 per drink -- whether it's a dollar shot, a $1.50 draft at Happy Hour, or a $8 apple martini -- which I think is fairly decent. I know some people who only leave change.)

He: How much of a tip did you leave her?
Me: Two dollars.
He: Take a dollar back. She was rude.
Me: ...
He: I'm serious! You tip for good service and we didn't get that tonight.
So I took a dollar back.
As someone who relies on tips for my livlihood, it is very difficult for me not to tip well -- regardless of the service I get.

But he was right, she really didn't deserve it. Honestly, she didn't even deserve what I gave her, as unwelcome as she made us feel, but not leaving anything I was not prepared to do.
I've got more couth than that.

Anyway, I don't know if this chick was just having a bad day, she was on the rag, or maybe she just hates men. Whatever the case, this gal needs a major attitude adjustment.

What I'm excited about right now is that the first season of the Wonder Woman TV show (starring the wondrous Lynda Carter) will soon be available on DVD!
I'm saving my pennies. It will be mine.

BTW, I know safeguarding your valuables is important, but no matter how you look at it, this is just revolting.