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Life is only what you wonder.

Friday, June 11, 2004


When: Yesterday afternoon

The Scene: The store As Seen on TV in Eastpoint mall that sells all those products you see in those annoying info-mercials.

The players: Counter jockey (early 20's, male) about to fall asleep at his post and a cranky old man.

Old man walks into the store and looks around. Counter jockey is nearly asleep behind the counter and notices the old man enter.

Counter jockey: (mumbling) C'n I help you, sir?
Old man: You got any Garden Weasels?
Counter Jockey: (obviously puzzled) Huh? Uh . . . weasels? Um . . . I don't think so, sir.
Old man: What the @#$% good is this @#$%in' store if it ain't got no @#$%in' Garden Weasels?!
Old man exits.