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Life is only what you wonder.

Monday, June 28, 2004

Wonder Boy Approved

Avril Lavigne - Under My Skin

Say what you will about Avril: She looks like a counter jockey at Hot Topic; she looks like the Hanson brothers' long-lost sister; she can't spell (Sk8terboi).
I've heard it all.
Regardless of what people say, this gal makes damn good music.
If I would've had her first album on vinal I would have worn it out from repeated playings.

Her second album, Under My Skin, is anything but sophomoric.
It's a twelve track collection of songs exploring themes of: being misunderstood ("Take Me Away"), feeling distant and indifferent toward your partner ("Together"), breaking up ("My Happy Ending"), and the beginnings of a relationship ("Who Knows"), among others.
These are songs that almost everyone can relate to on some level. Who of us hasn't felt misunderstood or lonely? Or hasn't been torn apart over breaking up?

Avril does tend to get whiney at times, most notably on the track "He Wasn't"
("There's not much going on today / I'm really bored / It's getting late / What happened to my Saturday?")
She's at her best when she's taking charge of her life, like on my favorite track "Don't Tell Me" (which really should have been titled "Don't Try And Tell Me" considering there was a Madonna song titled "Don't Tell Me" just a few years ago, and also because the phrase "don't tell me" doesn't actually appear in this song).
"I'll have to kick your ass / And make sure you never forget!" she declares. It's obvious she's not taking guff from anyone. You go, Miss Thing!

Avril has created a sound that is all her own, one that is stronger and better the second time around, and sure to generate an even greater fan base.