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Life is only what you wonder.

Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Do Not Assume

I'm not much for most Reality Shows.
I couldn't care less whether anyone survived on Survivor, whether The Swan was actually an ugly duckling in disguise, or if The Donald found his Apprentice.

I couldn't care less who won The Amazing Race, if The Bachelor or The Bachelorette found their perfect mates, or if The Restaurant was closed down by the Health Department.
Even with American Idol I only watched it sporadically.

But I do have a fondness for Big Brother.

I think it's the idea that cameras are watching them 24/7 and everything they say and do is recorded. They are living in a bubble with the whole world looking in.
It's like watching a human ant farm.

This year's twist is that two of the houseguests (Jennifer and Michael) are half-brother and sister, but they don't know it yet. And that Adria will be playing the game with her identical twin sister -- but nobody will know.

They didn't have a gay person on there last year, and I guess they realized their mistake because this year Will is the "token gay". The good news is he isn't queeny like Marcellus (from BB3) or Bunky (from BB2).

Only one episode watched and already I'm hooked.
I'm curious to see how this will turn out.