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Life is only what you wonder.

Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Life's Not Like This

I love Queer As Folk, I really do.
Every Monday at 10PM I'm guaranteed to be in front of the Boob Tube tuning in -- or I've set the VCR to tape it.
I can totally relate to almost everything that happens to the characters on that show:
Justin's coming out experiences and introduction to the "gay lifestyle".
Brian's total abandon to his libido, tricking around all the time with no remorse or apologies.
Michael's seemingly never-ending quest for love and understanding.
Emmett's jaded attitude from being unlucky in love so many times.
Ted's nursing someone who was crunked out on Tina.

I've been there and I've done all of that.

But as entertaining as QAF is, it's not real life, as I was explaining to Nancy at work just the other day.
It's a TV show, and nobdy should expect what they see on TV to be reality, unless you happen to be watching C-Span or CNN.

If you watch QAF thinking you're seeing how gay life really is, you'd think the world is populated by very good looking upwardly mobile white twenty-somethings with designer clothes, cool apartments, and rewarding upscale jobs who spend most of their time at the gym, doing Tina, at the disco, or having (admittedly) hot sex with other upwardly mobile white twentysomethings.

Real life isn't like that.

Real life is taking the trash out, doing laundry, arguing with your husband about what color to paint the bedroom, paying bills, brushing your teeth.
Real life is working all day and not feeling like going out to the club because you have another full day ahead of work tomorrow.
Real life is what happens between all the fabulous and tragic stuff that happens in our lives.
It doesn't make for entertaining TV because it's what we do every day.