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Life is only what you wonder.

Thursday, October 28, 2004

A Five Minute Story*

Testing Temptation

It wasn't my idea to take him home with us. I want to make that very clear from the start.
He had given us this sob story about getting kicked out of the place he was staying, and my kind hearted boyfriend offered him our couch.
His name was Mick, and I didn't really know him except for a couple of hellos and a few games of pool at the bar me and my boyfriend hang out at.
So there we were, on the sofa watching some movie on HBO and he's sitting right between us, leaning all over my boyfriend one minute and leaning all over me the next.
He had taken off his shoes and socks and I noticed he had dirt between his toes. Even so, if I said he wasn't appealing with his firm young body and angelic face, I'd be lying through my teeth.
My boyfriend yawned and went to the linen closet and got a blanket and a spare pillow and placed them on the couch and then he turned to me and said "Are you coming up?"
"In a little while." I answered. My boyfriend turned and went up the stairs, not looking behind him once.
I glanced at Mick in the blue glow of the TV. His faded Levis fit him like a second skin, and I could see his nipples through his thin white t-shirt.
"There's plenty of towels in the bathroom if you want to take a shower," I told Mick, "And there's some spare Bic disposable razors and shaving cream in the medicine cabin . . MMF!"
My sentence was cut short by Mick's mouth upon mine, his tongue darting in my mouth like an eager serpent. His arms were around my torso and I could feel his crotch rubbing against mine.
It took a few seconds to realize what was happening, but as soon as I did I pushed him away.
"What do you think you're doing?" I hissed at him, "My boyfriend is right upstairs!"
"He doesn't have to know." Mick whispered back, his mouth just inches from mine. I could smell the whiskey on his breath.
"He already does." I answered, noting with slight satisfaction his bewildered expression. I rose to go upstairs to the bedroom.
Before I left I turned to him and said, "This was a one-time deal. You need to find another place to stay tomorrow. Sleep well."
I went up the stairs to join my boyfriend who was awake and waiting for me.
"I was wondering if you were going to fuck him or not." he said.
"Why would I do that when I could have you?" I replied, and crawled into his arms.
*This is intended as a work of fiction.
It may (yet may not) be based on actual events.
Do not assume anything.