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Life is only what you wonder.

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Rules For Living - Part One

The amount of fun you have at an event is inversely proportionate to the amount of time it took to get ready or prepare for said event.
Addendum to this rule: It should not take you more time to get ready for an event than the amount of time the said event will occur. (i.e. It shouldn't take you five hours to get ready for a cocktail party that's going to last, at the most, three hours.)
This rule is true regardless of what the event is: going out on the town, to a cocktail party, going on a date with someone you're crazy about.

Not that you should just put on anything that's in your closet (hmmm, those red striped pants and the green and yellow polka-dotted shirt should do nicely!) and not do anything to your hair. (I would never, ever suggest that!)

BUT if you spend an hour and a half on your hair, two hours trying every article of clothing with every other article of clothing in your wardrobe, and another hour grooming yourself (plucking hairs, covering spots with concealer) --all the while mentally projecting in your head how the night is going to go-- your "good time" will royally suck.

Trust me on this.