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Life is only what you wonder.

Monday, October 25, 2004


I had a great B-day!

My coworkers brought out a cake and sang to me in the middle of the restaurant Wednesday.
I thought I had outsmarted them by taking off the day before my birthday as well, but I didn't anticipate someone checking the schedule.
I'm usually opposed to such fanfare --it's embarassing-- but in the middle of the restaurant surrounded by dozens of coworkers who are clapping and cheering, the only thing to do is be gracious about it.
OK, I confess -- I enjoyed it.
An added bonus was all the guests in my section gave me really great tips. When it comes to extra money, I never say no.
My girls Mary and Mary Ellen even gave me presents, which I wasn't expecting at all.
I love my "work family"!

The night of my birthday I went out with the husband. I got toasted (literally and figuratively), I twirled (my own personal slang for drinking, socializing, and bar-hopping), consumed many alcoholic beverages, and I even kicked major butt playing pool at The Quest!
How cool is that?

As I predicted, Saturday I felt like death warmed up.
I can't complain too much, though. I brought it all on myself.

Anyway, it was very, very good -- but in a way I'm glad it's over.

Fireguy, my Omega Amigo, told me my birthday present from him is on it's way to me. He said it's something special that I am going to absolutely love and to keep checking my mailbox, but he wouldn't tell me what it is -- not even a hint!

The anticipation is going to drive me crazy!