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Life is only what you wonder.

Monday, November 15, 2004

I'm Not That Desperate

Of course there's a Desperate Housewives Quiz*.
And naturally, like a good little lemming, I took it.
You can see my result on the right.

I must confess that Desperate Housewives is my Sunday evening guilty pleasure. The only gripe I have about the show is that it raises more questions than it answers.
As of now, the viewers are left wondering . . .

  • Did Mary Alice actually kill herself? If she did, why?
  • Who wrote the disturbing note the ladies found in Mary Alice's things?
  • Who is/was Dana, and how does she fit into all of this?
  • What was in the box that Paul taped up and threw in the lake?
  • What the hell is wrong with Zach?
  • Why is Mike breaking into houses? What is he looking for?
  • What is Mama Solis going to do now that she knows Gabrielle's dirty little secret?
I love a good mystery, and more than likely everything will resolve itself nicely, but this is becoming like Twin Peaks where we didn't find out who killed Laura Palmer until the middle of the second season.

(*Quiz link shamelessly stolen from Chrisafer.)