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Life is only what you wonder.

Sunday, December 26, 2004

It's Not About The Things You Get

ChristmaHanuKwanzakah is all over. (Well, except for the Kwanzaa part. Apparenly that keeps going 'til the 31st.)
It was a good one. Santa Claus came and gave me some pretty good stuff.
Cologne, loungewear, jewelry, some spiffy new clothes, some books I've been wanting. I'm not going to list everything here, but you get the drift. Santa kicked ass!
Hopefully, he was just as good to you.

You know, I was going to title this post "I Do Not Want What I Haven't Got", partially because it fits the "theme" of this post, but mostly in homage to the fabulous Sinead O'Connor. But I can't do that because it isn't true.
I do want what I haven't got! Don't you?

Santa brought me some nice things, but there wasn't a cordless port.able com.puter (fully loaded), or a HD Plasma screen TV under my tree this year.
Do I want those things? You bet your sweet ass I do. But I know I'll get them eventually, the way I get everything else. By working hard, not spending frivolously, and saving my pennies.
I want alot of things, but I don't expect Santa Claus to bring them all to me. Some things you need to do yourself

It's pretty matierialistic to break out your adding machine and calculate how much you spent by how much you recieved to see if you're ahead, but so many people I know do exactly that. It's a petty way to think; some people can't afford to spend as much money as others. We hear it all the time, "It's the thought that counts", but does anyone other than me truly believe it?.

My point (and I do have one) is this: You need to be happy with whatever you get. Even if you only got socks and underwear. Because someone thought of you enough to buy you socks and underwear. Somebody thought of you! Isn't that wonderful? And honestly, couldn't you really use some extra socks and underwear?

Anyway, now that the holidays are (mostly) over, it's time for me to focus on what's coming up next: New Year's Eve! YAY!!
G. and I still don't know what we're doing yet. We're really not that good with planning ahead.

    "What do you want to do?"
    "I dunno. What do you want to do?"
We've been invited to several NYE parties, and of course we could always go to a local bar or disco, but for now everything's up in the air.
I want it to be extra fabulous, but since we're both working the next day, there's a limit to how far we can travel and how much partying we can do.

Oh, it'll all come together eventually. It always does.