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Life is only what you wonder.

Monday, December 27, 2004

On Shuffle / Repeat

Here's what's in my CD player this very minute:
    Scissor Sisters - Scissor Sisters
    Sugarcult - Start Static
    Rocketboy - No Sign of Intelligent Life
    D. Fuse - Room Full of Smoke
    Ultra. - Dance 05 (Disc 1)
    Liz Phair - Liz Phair
    Blondie - The Curse of Blondie
    Cause & Effect - Trip
    Akron - Trouble
    Queer As Folk - Original Soundtrack (Season One)
Can you say "diverse"?
Of course, I'm changing the CDs every other day, so who knows what'll be playing next.
CDs? That's so 90's, right? Hopefully I'll be able to go digital sometime soon.