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Life is only what you wonder.

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Some Recent Photos

Here's some photos I took recently.
. . .

Post No Bills!

I took this one downtown near Lexington Market, right by a sign that says "Post no bills!". There are always advertisements for new movies and upcoming albums and such pasted everywhere, yet I never, ever see anyone putting anything up -- and I'm around there all the time. They just mysteriously apeear, like acne. Do they sneak around at 4AM, paste them up and then dash away? I may never know the answer.
It's great for finding out what's up and coming, though. Want to know what's going on? Just look around you.

Cheap But Pretty

I got this $10 lamp at Wal-Mart. It's pretty, and it has a kind of "rainbow" look to it. I thought that from the right angle it would make an interesting photo.

Li'l Rico

He's gotten alot bigger since I posted his picture last. His mother was a Chihuahua and his father was a dachshund (picture that union if you want a laugh), so I doubt he'll get much bigger than this.
He atually held still for this one, which is nothing short of amazing. In most photos he's nothing but a brown and black blur.

On the Bus

I had to take this one quickly. People freak out if they think you're taking a photo of them, and I didn't want a Sean Penn incident to happen. ("I said, 'NO PHOTOS!'" *Smash!*)
It's slighly blurry and out of focus, but that's because the bus was lurching and shaking so much. Don't they put shock absorbers on these things?
There aren't enough words to describe how much I hate public transportation.

These Boots are Made for Spendin'

The ingenuity of people never ceases to astound me. As a waiter, I've seen dollar bills folded into dozens of shapes. Ducks, boats, frogs, rings, snakes, little hats, roses, lizards, airplanes. There must me a book on Money Origami out there somewhere, or else people have alot of time on their hands.
I thought these little boots were cute though, so I snapped a photo before I unfolded them and put them with the rest of my tips.

Out in the Streets

Walking around the mean, dirty streets of downtown Baltimore, I put my camera on an EZ Park kiosk and set the self timer. There were a few people looking at me funny ("What's that crazy white boy doing?") but who cares? I've never been one to worry what random people on the street think.
I kind of look pissed off in this picture, but it was a (cold) windy day and the sun was in my eyes.

Happy Dog

Rico is such a friendly dog. All he wants to do is jump on top of you and just lick you all over.
Puppy kisses, I call them.

"Rico is a happy dog, aren't you Rico? And a good dog, too, isn't he? Yes he is! Yes he is!"

I talk to Rico like he's a baby. I never talked to my cat that way.

The Shadow Boy

Yet another selfpic taken with the timer. I deliberatly didn't use the flash because I wanted to capture the colors of the very early morning light.

As you see, I'm wearing a "wife beater" undershirt.
I'm gay, shouldn't I be calling them "husband beaters"?
Don't get any ideas. I'm not Ike and the husband isn't Tina -- or the reverse.

Baby Incredible

Someone left this McDonald's Happy Meal toy -- from the Pixar motion picture The Incredibles -- on one of my tables, and I took it into the Server Station and snapped a photo of it. You wind the knob on his back and he kind of jiggles around for a few seconds.
Cute, huh? It doesn't take much to amuse me.
I still haven't seen that movie yet, damn it.

Looking Out

Me looking out my bathroom window.
Again, I chose not to use the flash to capture the shadows and shading.

This would have been a better photo if it had been a little sunnier instead of overcast and cloudy.


I made this necklace using "alphabet beads" that I got at this shop called "Beadazzled", on Charles St, downtown. Any kind, color, or style of bead you could ever want, they have in there. It boggles the mind.
The beads, wire, and clasps only cost about $1.50 and it took only a few minutes to make, which gives me a great idea what to do for Christmas presents this year.

. . .

There are more "serious" posts coming soon, but I'm not ready for that just yet.
Stay tuned.