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Life is only what you wonder.

Monday, December 06, 2004


Gay or queer? Gay
Yoko Ono or Sonny Bono? Sonny
Paper or plastic? Both
Farrah, Jacklyn or Kate? Jacklyn
Ding Dongs or Ho-Hos? Ding Dongs
Nude or naked? Naked. It sounds dirtier
Cappuchino or latte? Latte
Frankfurter or hot dog? Neither. I prefer "weiner"
Queer Eye for the Straight Guy or Queer as Folk? QAF
Weblog or blog? Blog
I Dream of Jeannie or Bewitched? Bewitched
Regular or decaf? Regular
The Hardy Boys or Nancy Drew? Nancy
Scissor Sisters or Hilton sisters? Scissor Sisters
Six Million Dollar Man or Bionic Woman? Bionic Woman
Ashlee Simpson or Jessica Simpson? Neither
Green Acres or The Beverly Hillbillies? Hillbillies
Cut or uncut? Cut
Velvet Underground or Velvet Revolver? Underground
Dogma or Karma? Karma
Afterglow or morning after? Afterglow
Punk rock or Daft Punk? Daft
The Munsters or the Addams Family? The Munsters
Regular or Menthol? Menthol
Top or bottom? Both
Swimmers or gymnasts? Gymnasts
Britney or Madonna? Madonna
Take out or eat in? Take out
Working hard or hardly working? Working hard
Kate Bush or George W. Bush? Kate
1979, 1989 or 1999? 1999
Pagan or Carl Sagan? Sagan
Crank callers or Crank Yankers? Crank Yankers
A grow-er or a show-er? Grow-er
Nelly or Usher? Nelly
Brad Pitt or Tom Cruise? Brad
Stepford Wives or Desperate Housewives? Desperate Housewives

(This post inspired by Jocko.)