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Life is only what you wonder.

Monday, January 24, 2005

I Just Can't Hang

All this snow got dumped on us on Saturday, and amazingly enough, the restaurant shut down.
I called Saturday afternoon and they said, "Don't bother coming in, we're closing in 15 minutes!"
Yay! I LOVE snow days!

Then when I went to work yesterday, business was so slow (what with a lot of churches being closed) that the restaurant closed at 6:30.
Let me tell you, that never happens.

But instead of relaxing there's so much I have to do. I'm almost out of socks and underwear, so washing clothes is at the top of my list.

You know, I never could get the hang of walking around without underwear. Without underwear my penis just flops around all over the place. To the left, to the right, to the left again, to the right again. Down the leg of my pants. Down the other leg of my pants.
Have you ever sat on your cock accidentally? That's a rude surprise.
My cock constantly rubbing against the front of my trousers means I'm semi-hard all day from the friction.
And God help me if I really get aroused. There's no mistaking that bulge in my pants.
It's OK if I'm at a bar or club --as a matter of fact, when I was single and used to go out tricking, I would purposely not wear underwear-- but it's not so OK if I'm at the supermarket.
No, underwear is essential. Nice tight briefs keep Mr. Happy right where he needs to be.

So anyway, I have laundry, housecleaning, and some grocery shopping to do.
I might even decide to cook something.
Actually, probably not. Cooking might be a little too ambitious.
Plus, there's still a case of Ramen noodles in the cupboard.