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Life is only what you wonder.

Monday, February 28, 2005

My Bags Are Packed, I'm Ready To Go . . .

I'll be gone for a little while. I'm on my way to North Carolina to visit my Mom.
I haven't seen her in over 10 years!
I'm so excited!!!!
It's her birthday this Wednesday, but I feel like I'm the one getting a present.

I'm leaving tomorrow morning. Early tomorrow morning. The sun won't even be up when my tired ass is getting out of bed.
I won't be back for five days or so.

Mom doesn't have internet (or even a computer), so it's doubtful I'll be posting anything 'til I get back, unless it's a short post from my mobile phone or there's a handy cyber cafe or public library close by.
But then again, I just might. You never know.

Anyway, with all of that being said, I'm off to take care of all the "last minute" stuff now so I can get up tomorrow, kiss the husband and Rico goodbye, and be on my way.
Hopefully, my journey to NC will be swift and uneventful.

I'll post right after I get back and tell you how it went.
Possibly with photos also, but no promises.

Sunday, February 27, 2005

Must See

Coming Soon* to a theater near you:

Three of my favorite actors AND Justin's in it?
Oh, yeah. I'm there.

*Release date to be announced

Saturday, February 26, 2005

You're Not Acting Straight Enough!

"Straight Acting". You see it all the time in the personal ads.
Everyone knows what it means: Someone who's not flamboyant, not obviously gay, someone who can "pass" as straight.

I object to the term only because of what it implies: that it's an act.
People are what they are. Expecting someone to change who they inherently are just to please "society" and what it says is appropriate is absurd.

It's a fact that people (male and female both) possess mannerisms or traits that our society says are "masculine" or "feminine". Some leaning more one way than the other.
A woman with short hair, no makeup, and a gruff forward manner might be called "mannish" or "butch" simply because society says that women are supposed to be pretty, dainty, demure, and soft-spoken.

Lesbians who do personal ads know how to phrase it right: "Butch Seeks Femme"
And I could be wrong, but I don't think being one or the other really makes much difference to them. In other words, a dyke who is a "lipstick lesbian" isn't looked down upon as being undesirable because she's more feminine, and neither is she put up on a pedestal as a goddess because of it.
She is what she is. And the women are either attracted to her, or they're not. It's not a big deal.

Men are what they are, too. Some men possess traits that are regarded as feminine. They're called "nellie", "queenie", "lisping", "mincing", "flaming", etc. What makes it even worse is that it's mostly the gay community itself that's coming down so hard on them. A gay man will put down another gay man for being "too nellie" a lot faster and more viciously than a straight person would.

Am I straight acting?
Well, I like to have sex with men (I guess I should say "my man" since I'm partnered and monogamous), how "straight-acting" is that?
No one would ever describe me as ultra-butch, and I'm not stereotypically "nellie" either. I'm somewhere in the middle.
Is that something I do purposefully? Am I acting? No, that's just the way I am.
The husband, on the other hand, is very masculine. There is not anything nellie or queenie about him. Is he acting? No, that's just the way he is.

We can't help what we're sexually attracted to, however.
I'll admit I have seldom found men with feminine attributes very appealing -- as sexual partners or people I would consider dating. I don't know why, but with only one or two exceptions that's just the way it's been.
You take two gay identical twin brothers (there's a sexual fantasy for you), one is masculine and the other has mannerisms that would typically be described as feminine, and I'll be more attracted to the more masculine one every time. But that doesn't mean I'll reject the other one as being totally unworthy of my company. Who knows, he might be my new best friend.

Why do gay people continually put other members of the LGBT community down, when we should be supporting one another?
Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't the point of "gay pride" to be proud of yourself?
And doesn't at least a part of that include tolerance and acceptance of everyone else?

Friday, February 25, 2005

Take Me Wherever You Go

For those who surf the net with their mobile phone or PDA, there's now a mobile version of this site: http:// winksite.com/wonderboy/blog
Simply type that into your phone browser's "go to" form, and -badda bing, badda boom- you're there.
Pretty nifty, eh?

Bloggers who have XML or RSS feeds can go here to create mobile browser-friendly versions of their own blogs.
It's easy, baby!

Thank God I'm A City Boy

Country folks get alot of bad press.
They're thought of as hicks, bumpkins, yokels, people without education who walk around barefoot and have thick twangy accents and live in trailers or cabins with a pickup truck on cinderblocks in the front yard.
People like Jeff Foxworthy and his Blue Collar TV don't help matters much.
And I think it's a shame that people are portrayed that way, but that's not the point of this post.

I've enjoyed several trips to the country.
Loved them, as a matter of fact.
Down home southern cookin', swimmin' in the ol' waterin' hole, seeing farmers tending their crops and taking pride in working their land, looking up at the night sky and actually seeing stars.
I didn't even know there were that many stars in the sky! It was beautiful.
You don't see stars in the city. Well, maybe one or two here and there, but not, like, a gazillion like when I was in the country.
And the peace and quiet was nice. You can hear crickets chirp out there. I don't think I've heard a cricket since then.
And the people you meet are warm and friendly. Totally wasn't used to that.

But if I had to live there, I think I'd go crazy.
Stark raving mad, someone get a straight-jacket and call the white coats 'cause Jimmy's pulling his hair out and cutting himself with knives.

I was born in the city. It's what I'm used to.
I need noise. I need activity. I need to know that if I'm hungry at 3:30 AM and there's no food in the refrigerator that I can walk two blocks to the "open 24/7" store and get a frozen burrito and a Mello Yello.
I like the fact that I don't know my neighbors. I see them come and go, but I don't know any of their names or anything about them, and they don't know anything about me. In a small town, if Flossie Murgatroyd has a baby out of wedlock, everyone knows about it and she's probably talked about viciously. ("Did you hear about Flossie? She done had a baby, and she's not married, either! Shameless hussy! I knew she was a loose woman by the short skirts she wore!")
If Flossie lived in a big city highrise, nobody would even know who she was, much less care anything about her. Anonymity can be good.
I like the fact that I don't need a car. The subway, metro, light rail train, taxis and buses take me everywhere I need to go.
I like the fact that there are several gay bars, clubs and discos to choose from.

There are drawbacks to anything.
I love this city. There are few places in this city I haven't visited. I've even been to some of the parts where white people go in, but they don't come out again. (Sounds like a Roach Motel, but you know what I mean.)
Sure, there are drawbacks to city life: crime, squalor, bums panhandling, drugs, muggings, vermin (the insect, animal and human kind), noise (sirens, traffic, construction), litter and that feeling of being "alone in a crowd".
But you know what? It's a part of me. I wouldn't be anywhere else.

Of course, if country boys are as horny as he says, I might be inclined to change my mind.

Thursday, February 24, 2005

Somebody Save Me

Ok, I am at work, it's snowing like crazy, schools and most everything else is closed, & I am stuck here because the people who own the restaurant refuse to close early because they are money-hungry and want to make every dollar they can.

So, I'm sitting here bored senseless, presiding over a section that's totally empty, when I should be home snuggling with the husband and Rico.
Life isn't fair.

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Show Some Love

My girl Blondie just started her own blog.


Show her some support, why don't you?


Celebrity crushes. Who hasn't had them?
We're attracted to what we're attracted to. From a movie star, to the boy who mows your lawn, it's all the same. (Except you might actually be able to get the boy who mows your lawn. It's not impossible that you could bed a celebrity, but it's very, very improbable.)

Below are some of my celecrity crushes.
They probably won't be the same as yours, but that's only because I'm me and not you.

Leif Garrett
OK, I was 8 years old at the time, but I had a really big thing for Leif. I had his albums, his poster was on my wall, and I even had a T-shirt of him I wore in fourth grade. I don't think I wanted to date him so much as I wanted to be him. He was cute, sexy, and all the girls (and possibly some of the boys) just loved him.
To this day I still know all the words to the song I Was Made For Dancin'. (All-all-all-all night long!)
I guess maybe I should be ashamed of this, but I'm not.

Marc Singer as The Beastmaster
I was obsessed with this movie, back in the day.
Eventually, I'm going to get this on DVD, because it's been years since I saw it last.
I used to watch this movie over and over, trying to get a glimpse under his leather loin cloth thingie.
Later, I drooled over him in the miniseries' "V" and "V: The Final Battle" where he wore the tightest faded blue jeans imaginable.
Marc was the star of my masurabatory fantasies for years.

Brian Bloom as Dusty Donovan
I used to race home from Junior High just to catch the second half of As The World Turns.
Brian Bloom played Dusty Donovan on that show and he was so sexy with his big beautiful blue eyes.
How snobby stuck up Lily Walsh could choose dirty farmboy Holden Snyder over the dazzling Dusty is anyone's guess.
Aside from a two-episode arc on Melrose Place (as Alison's alcoholic boyfriend) I haven't seen him in anything else.

Dustin Ngyuen as Harry Ioki
(AKA "That Asian dude from 21 Jump Street.")
I used to love 21 Jump Street. I saw every episode.
Johnny Depp was hot on that show, no question, but Dustin is what kept me tuning in every monday night.
Dustin was handsome, and had a killer grin.
He also had a body of death when he took his shirt off, which wasn't as frequent as it should have been.

John Haymes Newton as Superboy
Before Tom Welling, young Clark Kent was played by professional model/actor John Haymes Newton. He filled our the Superboy suit well.
Oh, if I were only Jimmy Olsen and Superboy would come to resue me!
He was replaced by (IMHO not-so hunky) Gerard Christopher in the second season and the show was cancelled not long after that. I can't imagine why.
He later went on to be a regular on Melrose Place. (God, I miss that show!)

Jordan Knight
OK, there is no doubt I'm a total dork for this one!
(Go ahead and call me a dork, I can take it.)
Just so you know, I never bought a NKOTB album or any of the merchandise, but I did watch the videos on MTV and I would just stare at him.
I saw him on The Surreal Life recently and I was like "Ugh!"
Age is a terrible thing sometimes.
Back in the day, I though he was the hottest thing ever.

This is only a small sample. I could go on and on.
Maybe this will be an ongoing topic, maybe not.
We'll see.

Sunday, February 20, 2005

I Can Barely Get My Eyes To Open

Closing Saturday nights and opening on Sunday mornings is (are?) taking it's (their?) toll on my poor body. And mind.
I'm so tired I can't even focus.
I thought I had something to write about, but I can't get my poor little brain to work.

All I am wanting to do right now is this:

More at some later time when I'm more in control of my faculties.

Have a great day!

Saturday, February 19, 2005


I am so damn happy now!
My good friend Blondie just got a job working at my restaurant!
Only part-time, though. She needs to make a few extra dollas to get her life more in order. ('Nuff said. It's not my business to tell her stories.)
I used to work with her at the other restaurant 'bout a year and a half ago.
When Blondie told me she was applying, I went to Cathy, (the manager who does the hiring at my restaurant), and advised her that if she didn't hire her she would be making a huge mistake.
I'm not saying I got her this job, but it probably helped a little.

Her first day was yesterday, and she was the only thing that kept last night from totally blowing.
They had me in the back of the restaurant again, at the round tables near the Banquet Room. I served five tables last night.
In the five hours I was on the floor.
There was absoloutely no reason for me to be there. I should have just went home. I made barely any money and spent most of the night sitting on my butt.

Everyone gets stuck in a bad section once in awhile, though.

I was thinking about going out last night, but I changed my mind.
Instead I jacked some cars, beat the hell out of some people and robbed them of all their money, smacked around some hos, blew up a few cop cars (and quite a few cops, too) and caused general mayhem all over the city.
Playing Grand Theft Auto III on PlayStation 2, of course.
What kind of lunatic do you take me for?

Friday, February 18, 2005

Have Camera, Will Travel

I am lovin' the camera on my new cell phone.
It's great for spy shots. You can take pictures of people and they just think you're sending someone a text message or checking email or something.
(People out on the street, beware!)
I'm going to have fun with this little gadget, I can tell already.

The picture quality isn't as good as with my digital camera though, and the size of the photos are smaller than what I'm used to.
Uploading them to the web is easier, though. I can do that with the touch of a button anywhere I am, only seconds after the photo is taken. With my camera I have to wait 'til I get home, hook the cable to the computer, and then upload it.
Oh, well! You can't have everything!

I love taking pictures, even though I'm not very good at it. I have an idea in my mind how I want a photo to turn out, but it never looks exactly like I wanted it to.
My technique before my digital camera was to take mass quantities of photos, (like dozens at a time) thinking the law of averages would at least make some of then turn out alright.
Now, it's more like take a picture, look at it on the screen, frown, delete it, add more light to the subject, turn on the flash or otherwise adjust the settings, and take another photo.
Repeat 'til you've got it right.

Actually, that's a pretty good philosophy for life, if you think about it: Repeat until you've got it right.
Sounds vaguely Zen or Hare Krishna-ish, don't you think?

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Take That (Bitch!)

Check this out.
Go to the bathroom first, or you're liable to wet your pants.
Don't say I didn't warn you!

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

I Am The Luckiest Boy In The World!

I had gotten dressed un a nice outfit, and I was just waiting. I was advised to be ready to go by 7PM. The husband told me he had some things to take care of but he would be back by then.
I was ready by 6:30.
From that point on, every minute that went by I was wondering, "What's the surprise? What could it be? Is it bigger than a breadbox?" Stuff like that.
I'm not good with anticipation -- it makes me anxious.

Boy, I was sure surprised when around 7PM a huge honkin' black double-stretch limo pulled up in front of the house!
Holy smoke! The husband had hired a limo (with a chauffeur) for us for the night! This ride was sweet! Bar, TV, DVD player, "mood" lighting, moon roof.
You feel like a celebrity when your riding in one of these numbers, let me tell you. And the driver would open the door for us, which was a little strange at first, but I could very easily get used to it.

The limo whisked us to Mo's, where we had reservations. A long line of people were waiting and we just breezed on through.
We had a great meal, and the waitress (Bree) was very pleasant and efficient, even though the restaurant was packed with people and I could see she was very busy. The portions were huge (my rib-eye steak took up the entire huge plate it was sitting on) so we ended up wrapping most of our up for later.
After that, the limo took us around to various spots for cocktails. Whenever we stopped somewhere the driver would get out and open the door for us and people on the street would just gawk.
Who are these people? you could almost hear them thinking.
I loved it!

We even put the partition up at one point and started making out like teenagers in the back seat.
Yep, there's still passion there after almost six years.

So I had an amazing Valentine's.
Fabulous, terrific, wonderful, thrilling, incredible, extraordinary -- there aren't enough adjectives.
It's definitely something I'm going to remember for the rest of my life.

I'm the luckiest boy in the world!
Not because I had a fabulous night, but because I have my husband.

Monday, February 14, 2005

We Live For Love

Happy Valentine's Day!

Valentine's Day is great when there's someone you love. It's the bestest holiday ever!

I have no idea what's in store for me tonight.
The husband advised me to "have an nice outfit ready for later" and when I questioned him further all he would tell me was "it's a surprise".
I'm getting a surprise!
He always knows how to keep things interesting and exciting.

I bought the husband some flowers (Astromerias - his favorite) and a few other things, and of course I'm going to jump his bones at some point later.
It should be a very good night.

Valentine's Day sucks ass when you're single though.
I once had someone break up with me two days before V-Day!
Prior to that I was thinking how wonderful V-Day was going to be, and I ended up spending that night crying, drinking too much, and scribbling illegible entries in my journal.
And going to the club (or even the local watering hole) on V-Day when you're single is just a disaster waiting to happen. You end up seeing all these happy couples kissing, making out, grinding together on the dance floor and it makes you feel worthless and pathetic. You end up thinking things like: What's wrong with me? Why don't I have a boyfriend? I am such a loser!
I've been there, and it's not pretty.

I am very lucky in so many ways.

Anyway, I gotta get ready for tonight.
More later when I have time. Prob'ly tomorrow, but no promises.

P.S. For something both amusing and erotic, check out this post by my buddy Tony.

Saturday, February 12, 2005

It's A Life, Not A Choice

"My mother made me a homosexual."
"If I gave her some yarn, would she make me one, too?"
The above quote and the picture to the right are humorous, but I don't think anything "makes" someone gay.
It's genetic. We were just born that way.
Me and my gay brothers and lesbian sisters were just lucky, I guess.

The truth is, nobody would ever choose to be gay, if they had the choice in the first place. I mean, who would?
"Yes! I want to be made fun of, sterotyped, descriminated against, be a victim of hate crimes, and be denied basic rights given to everone else! Bring it on!"

There are distinct advantages to being gay, though.
For one, if you choose someone who has your general build you can share clothing.
Get a boyfriend -- double your wardrobe!

Gays and lesbians don't really have to worry about unwanted pregnancies, either. Neither the husband nor I are going to get pregnant any time soon, no matter how many times we do it. If that were actually possible, we'd probably be on our fifth kid at this point. (Yeesh! Five kids! That's pretty scary when you think about it!)

I'm sure there are other advantages, but I can't think of anything else right off the top of my head.

Friday, February 11, 2005

what effing ever

I've come to set the record straight.

First, I didn't post this original thread to Data Lounge, some "anonymous" person did. I never even heard of Data Lounge until I checked my referrers and there it was.
Unlike some people, when I post to something I'm not afraid to enter my name or email address.
Somebody posing as me is kind of annoying, but I'm not about to get bent over it.

Second, all you "anonymous" people certainly have some strong opinions. Would they be as strong (or harsh) if you were required to post your names and email addresses? I think not.

And last: Guess what? I don't frickin' care if you think I'm "boring", or that I need to change my hairstyle and "lose the earrings" or that I'm a superficial glory-hound.
It may or may not be true, but whatever, OK? I'm not going to lose any sleep because someone doesn't like me, and I'm certainly not going to change myself just to please other people.
Stick that in your crack pipe and smoke it.

PS. Thanks, Anonymous #11, I think Rico's pretty cute too!

Love Don't Cost A Thing

Valentine's Day came early this year!
The husband got me a first-class plane ticket to go visit my mom in NC. I'll be going the first week in March, which just happens to be around my mother's birthday.

How cool is that? Isn't he sweet?
Things like this make me remember why I married that man.

What am I giving him?
Hot sweaty passionate man-on-man sex. You know the kind that travels from room to room and later you find your underwear in the kitchen sink and you're missing a sock. Multiple times and positions, if I have my way. I'm-a gonna get freaky-deaky on his ass!
Oh, I'm getting him some other things too, but that's on the top of the list.

Think about it: I know it'll fit him, and I know he'll enjoy it.
It's the gift that keeps on giving!

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

I Gots The Remedy

Everyone experiences pain, illness, and ailments, but what do you do when you can't get to the physician? Or what if the problem is only a minor one, but there's no drug at the pharmacy that will do?
Dr. Wonder is here to help.
Wonder Boy's 100% Guaranteed Remedies For Common Ailments

Hiccups are annoying aren't they? Especially when you're trying to talk and a loud "Hic!" punctuates every other syllable and you feel like people are laughing at you -- because they are.
Getting someone to scare you doesn't work at all, because you know it's coming. How startled can you possibly be when you know someone's going to pop out at you and go "Boo”?

  • One way to cure hiccups is to take a deep breath and fill your lungs entirely with air and then hold it, slowly count to 150, then exhale. If you can successfully do that without losing consciousness first, your hiccups will be entirely gone.
  • If that doesn't work, try gargling with salt water while singing "I'm Your Boogie Man" by KC and the Sunshine Band as loud as you possibly can. That should do it.

    There are all kings of coughs: smoker's hack, dry coughs, those really phlegmy ones caused by bronchitis, and the phony ones you use to get someone's attention
    The following remedy will cure any kind of cough you might have, except the last one.

  • If you have a nagging cough, down a shot of Southern Comfort, followed by a tablespoon of honey. If cough persists, take another dosage. Keep repeating dosage until either your cough is gone, or you're too drunk to notice it anymore.

    You drank too much the night before and now your feeling like Hell. If you need something that will make that bad boy go away, just do the following:

  • Drink a great big glass of tomato juice (replenishes vitamin A, Vitamin C, and potassium) to which you've added 1 tablespoon worcestershire sauce (a natural antioxident that cancels out acids), 6 drops of tobasco sauce (helps the body sweat out toxins), and a dash black pepper (revives tired circulatory system). Oh, and also add 2 oz. vodka. (Grey Goose vodka is a good choice. More pricey than Popov, but smooth as silk.) Repeat as needed.
    (This is more commonly known as the "avoid hangovers, stay drunk" method.)

    Runny Nose

  • If your nose is running, go catch it.
    (Sorry, I could not help myself!)

    The majority of headaches are caused by stress. It's a hectic world we live in and sometimes it seems we spend most of our time running around and making ourselves crazy.

  • One way to cure a headache is to just stop, close your eyes and visualize you're someplace fun and relaxing. You're lying on a sunny beach in Hawaii and a hunky cabana boy is rubbing suntan oil all over you, for instance.
    Of course, you could actually go someplace fun and relaxing. By the time you actually get to Hawaii, your headache should have completely gone away.
    If you don't have the time (or money) to just go flying to exotic getaways, then try the following:
  • Spin around and around clockwise with your arms outstretched and sing (or hum, if you're not much of a singer) the theme to the Wonder Woman TV show.
  • Keep eating Krispy-Kreme glazed donuts until your headache goes away. A dozen (or so) should do the trick.
  • Place an egg on your forehead and intensely visualize (good visualization is the key to this) your headache going through your forehead and into the egg. (It might help to picture the headache as a glowing, pulsing ball of red light, or a black cloud or something.) When you feel like the essence of the headache has gone into the egg, immediately cook up the egg (fried, scrambled, sunny-side up, poached, whatever) and serve it to someone else. Preferably someone you don't like too much. After they eat the egg, they will get your headache.
    (This is the Voodoo method, taught to be by Ms. Inez, who be comin' from Barbados, mon. I've never actually tried this one because I don't like to cook much, and even more so when I have a headache, but she assures me it works.)
  • Well, there you are! I hope these remedies help you as much as they've helped me.
    If you should actually try any of these, let me know how they worked for you, OK?

    Monday, February 07, 2005

    Should've Stayed At Home In Bed

    Well, yesterday at work royally sucked. The early afternoon (until about 5:30PM) was busy as hell. Nothing but horrible people as far as the eye could see.
    Bitchy, surly, and obnoxious, they ran me ragged.

    You know, it really amazes me how some people don't even think about anything that goes on around them --unless it pertains to them. I had ten tables (seven four-seaters, three six-seaters) and they're all full of people. I'm flying through the dining room like a madman on crack trying to make sure everyone has everything they need. Anybody who took the time to look would see that I wasn't just standing around doing nothing. I was working. I was working hard.
    Anyway, this woman calls me over to her table and snarls / barks the following, "Hey, did you forget about me, or something?! I've been waiting for my glass of water for ten minutes!!" and gets all up in my grill.
    "Listen, bitch," I wanted to say,"First, you asked me for the water not even three minutes ago, not ten. Are you dying of thirst? Did you just get back from the Sahara? Did those three Pepsis I brought previously not slake your thirst? Do you have to take your medication, is that it?
    Second, do you see all these other people here? I'm waiting on them, too. You're not the only person in this restaurant, you know.
    Third, I haven't even had a sip of anything to drink in about an hour and a half, and I've had to go to the bathroom for almost two hours now. Three minutes -- hell, even five minutes -- isn't that long to wait when we're this busy. Look around you, don't you see how busy we are?
    Fourth, if you'd have just let me be and not called me over --guess what?-- you'd already have your friggin' water!"

    I didn't say that, of course. Instead I said, "I'm coming right back with that!" and smiled at her.
    When I returned to her table, I placed the water in front of her, said "Here you are!", and as I was leaving to take care of someone else, I thought, "I hope you choke on it!"

    The rest of the night was more of the same: Tips were horrible. We had to sing Happy Birthday about 20 times. We ran out of Sierra Mist. The nozzle came out of the milk dispenser, and five gallons of chocolate milk went all over the drink station. A little kid in a highchair threw a weiner at me.
    I could go on (and on) but I'll spare you.

    I was so glad when the day was done, I nearly cried with joy.
    I went home, took a bubble bath ("Calgon, take me away!"), drank a few glasses of wine (Cream Red Concord Manischewitz, which is like drinking liquified alcoholic grape jelly) and went to bed.

    Everyone has days like this. I'm glad they don't happen that often.

    Sunday, February 06, 2005

    This Clinches It

    Today is SuperBowl Sunday, which means that it probably be slow at the restaurant tonight - but you never know.

    By the way, this post was created and published via my new cell phone.
    Oh yeah, I'm a big nerd all right.

    A longer (and more interesting) post tomorrow, I promise.

    Saturday, February 05, 2005

    I'm Lovin' It

    I just got a new cell phone!

    This time it's with Sprint PCS, with an actual (two year) contract. $50 a month, and I get 700 minutes, plus free nights (starting at 7PM) and weekends, and 200 text messages.
    Plus, it's got a camera, video camera, and I can search the internet.
    I'm in love.
    I’m sure it’ll get to be old hat after a little while, but for now it’s a new toy and I’m excited.

    I used to do the prepaid phone thing. The only thing convenient about that is you don't have to worry about a contract or (yet another) bill coming in the mail every month. You just buy more minutes as you need them.
    But when your minutes are getting low you have to stop at the store and buy another phone card. It's a hassle.
    Plus, no matter if I called out or someone called me, any time day or night, it would cost me money. The money had already been spent, but that's beside the point.
    I'd go buy a phone card and for $20 I'd get 200 minutes, which sounds like alot of time, but it really isn't. I'd be constantly looking at the timer and when my minutes got too low I'd be afraid to use my phone. I would find myself using a payphone to "save my minutes until I really needed them" or I would cut phone calls really really short ("Hello? Yeah? That's really interesting. Uh, this is costing me money, I'll call you when I get home, OK?") It's like there was a stopwatch in my head.
    I couldn't just relax and talk.

    Now I don't have to worry about all of that.
    Of course, with the "free nights" thing I'm probably going to be looking at the clock anyway, waiting for 7PM -- because it's free.
    Just in case.

    Friday, February 04, 2005

    It's OK To Be Thrifty

    I love the Goodwill. While I'm singing praises here, the Salvation Army store is pretty good, too.

    Oh, I love new things, don't get me wrong. Ripping the shrinkwrap off CDs and PS2 games, the smell and look of brand-new clothes that you have to take all the tags and stickers off of, lacing up the new pair of shoes you just bought. There's nothing better.

    But there's alot to be said for Thrift stores. Some queens I know would rather be caught dead than in the Goodwill, but not me. Where else can you find a Liz Claiborne silk necktie that looks like it's never been worn for under a dollar?

    I have a passion for books and the Goodwill has paperbacks for 10 cents. Ten cents! You can't even buy a pack of gum for ten cents! And if you catch the 50% off sale, they're only five cents. That's twenty paperbacks for a dollar (not including tax).

    The last time I was there (the day before yesterday) I picked up 5 books, an art-deco lamp (probably from the 70's, but you can never tell), a brand new (still in it's orginal packaging) pouch-with-a-strap hooji for carrying your portable CD player, two CDs (still shrink-wrapped), a stainless steel cocktail shaker with strainer cap (like they use in a bar), and a tin bowl with a picture by Toulouse Lutrec on it (that I'm using to toss my spare change and keys into when I empty my pockets after coming home).
    Total cost: $4.84! You can't beat that with a stick.

    It's guilt-free shopping. No "buyer's remorse"!

    Tuesday, February 01, 2005

    Who's That Guy?

    Desperate Housewives is a really good show.
    It has suspense, great drama, and it's full of humor.
    I don't just watch it because one of it's stars is hunky Jesse Metcalfe (formerly from the daytime soap Passions).

    Although, it is a pretty good reason, don't you think?