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Life is only what you wonder.

Tuesday, February 22, 2005


Celebrity crushes. Who hasn't had them?
We're attracted to what we're attracted to. From a movie star, to the boy who mows your lawn, it's all the same. (Except you might actually be able to get the boy who mows your lawn. It's not impossible that you could bed a celebrity, but it's very, very improbable.)

Below are some of my celecrity crushes.
They probably won't be the same as yours, but that's only because I'm me and not you.

Leif Garrett
OK, I was 8 years old at the time, but I had a really big thing for Leif. I had his albums, his poster was on my wall, and I even had a T-shirt of him I wore in fourth grade. I don't think I wanted to date him so much as I wanted to be him. He was cute, sexy, and all the girls (and possibly some of the boys) just loved him.
To this day I still know all the words to the song I Was Made For Dancin'. (All-all-all-all night long!)
I guess maybe I should be ashamed of this, but I'm not.

Marc Singer as The Beastmaster
I was obsessed with this movie, back in the day.
Eventually, I'm going to get this on DVD, because it's been years since I saw it last.
I used to watch this movie over and over, trying to get a glimpse under his leather loin cloth thingie.
Later, I drooled over him in the miniseries' "V" and "V: The Final Battle" where he wore the tightest faded blue jeans imaginable.
Marc was the star of my masurabatory fantasies for years.

Brian Bloom as Dusty Donovan
I used to race home from Junior High just to catch the second half of As The World Turns.
Brian Bloom played Dusty Donovan on that show and he was so sexy with his big beautiful blue eyes.
How snobby stuck up Lily Walsh could choose dirty farmboy Holden Snyder over the dazzling Dusty is anyone's guess.
Aside from a two-episode arc on Melrose Place (as Alison's alcoholic boyfriend) I haven't seen him in anything else.

Dustin Ngyuen as Harry Ioki
(AKA "That Asian dude from 21 Jump Street.")
I used to love 21 Jump Street. I saw every episode.
Johnny Depp was hot on that show, no question, but Dustin is what kept me tuning in every monday night.
Dustin was handsome, and had a killer grin.
He also had a body of death when he took his shirt off, which wasn't as frequent as it should have been.

John Haymes Newton as Superboy
Before Tom Welling, young Clark Kent was played by professional model/actor John Haymes Newton. He filled our the Superboy suit well.
Oh, if I were only Jimmy Olsen and Superboy would come to resue me!
He was replaced by (IMHO not-so hunky) Gerard Christopher in the second season and the show was cancelled not long after that. I can't imagine why.
He later went on to be a regular on Melrose Place. (God, I miss that show!)

Jordan Knight
OK, there is no doubt I'm a total dork for this one!
(Go ahead and call me a dork, I can take it.)
Just so you know, I never bought a NKOTB album or any of the merchandise, but I did watch the videos on MTV and I would just stare at him.
I saw him on The Surreal Life recently and I was like "Ugh!"
Age is a terrible thing sometimes.
Back in the day, I though he was the hottest thing ever.

This is only a small sample. I could go on and on.
Maybe this will be an ongoing topic, maybe not.
We'll see.