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Life is only what you wonder.

Saturday, February 19, 2005


I am so damn happy now!
My good friend Blondie just got a job working at my restaurant!
Only part-time, though. She needs to make a few extra dollas to get her life more in order. ('Nuff said. It's not my business to tell her stories.)
I used to work with her at the other restaurant 'bout a year and a half ago.
When Blondie told me she was applying, I went to Cathy, (the manager who does the hiring at my restaurant), and advised her that if she didn't hire her she would be making a huge mistake.
I'm not saying I got her this job, but it probably helped a little.

Her first day was yesterday, and she was the only thing that kept last night from totally blowing.
They had me in the back of the restaurant again, at the round tables near the Banquet Room. I served five tables last night.
In the five hours I was on the floor.
There was absoloutely no reason for me to be there. I should have just went home. I made barely any money and spent most of the night sitting on my butt.

Everyone gets stuck in a bad section once in awhile, though.

I was thinking about going out last night, but I changed my mind.
Instead I jacked some cars, beat the hell out of some people and robbed them of all their money, smacked around some hos, blew up a few cop cars (and quite a few cops, too) and caused general mayhem all over the city.
Playing Grand Theft Auto III on PlayStation 2, of course.
What kind of lunatic do you take me for?