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Life is only what you wonder.

Friday, March 11, 2005

Rico Has Two Daddies

I have been watching carefully, looking for signs or clues that growing up in a gay enviornment is traumatizing little Rico in some way.

The last thing I would want is for him to be emotionally scarred.
Then he'd be all dysfunctional, and have to go through years of therapy and counseling and that would be just terrible.

So far he seems to be a happy, healthy growing boy puppy.
Having two daddies seems to be working wonderfully for little Rico, because we each fulfill different needs of his.

My husband G. is Rico's romp-buddy.
They "play attack" one another, and roughhouse. It looks ferocious to watch, like they're trying to kill one another, but they're just playing.
They run (not walk) around the block together.
G. is the one he plays fetch with, and the one who teaches him tricks like "Jump!" "Roll over!" and "Shake hands".
When Rico sees the husband he wants to play. He has boundless energy when G.'s around.

I am his chill-buddy.
I'm the one who takes him on liesurly walks through the park. He sits on my lap and gets petted and stroked while I'm watching TV or my nose is in a book.
He's my little shadow, following me around everywhere I go.
I'm the one he lays on when he takes a nap.
I'm also the one who gives him baths when he's extra-stinky, trims his toenails, and brushes his coat so he looks cute.

We both correct him when he does something wrong, ("Wee-weeing on the carpet is BAD! BAD Rico! BAD DOGGIE!") and we both praise him and give him Milk Bones and Snausages when he's good.
And just like any parents, we worry about him when he's home alone.

Yep, Rico seems to be flourishing under our parentage.
As for the theory that growing up in a gay enviornment will make Rico gay too -- that's just an evil myth.
Judging by all the bitches that Rico tries to chase after every time I take him for a walk in the park, he's totally straight.