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Life is only what you wonder.

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Hangin' With My Hag

I spent some time with my "fag hag" Theresa yesterday.
Before anyone protests my use of the term "fag hag", Theresa would be the first to tell you that she is proud to be a fag hag.

She's been a friend of mine for years, but it's not often we get to spend any Quality Time together.
She's a very busy lady who works two jobs. Plus, she's a single mom. It's difficult for her to get any free time, and when she does, I'm usually working or have made other plans.

It was so fun to cut loose and act silly, and Theresa is just a blast to hang around. We exchanged makeup tips and talked about boys. It was like a teenage girl's slumber party except we weren't in our jammies.
We had a gay ol' time.

At one point we were careening down the street in Theresa's pink Hello Kitty-mobile, blaring Britney's "My Prerogative" and wailing right along.

Oh yeah. That's pretty gay, all right.