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Life is only what you wonder.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Strange Days Dream

Horrible nightmare last night. This is the second night in a row I've had it.
In this dream I'm some sort of spy or secret agent, and there are Evil People that are Out To Get Me, probably because I Know Too Much.
(Kind of cliched, I know, but I didn't write the script, my subconcious did.)
So, I'm (literally) running for my life in some shadowy Gotham City looking place, ducking down alleys, leaping across rooftops, getting shot at.
The people who are chasing me (I never actually see who they are, I just know they're there) are always just right behind me, and I can't seem to run or get away fast enough. I know, with a dreamer's certainty, that if (when) they catch me, they will do horrible, unspeakable things to me.
I need to escape, but how?

This goes on and on, seemingly for hours, and the more I'm being chased, the more panicky I'm getting.
And then . . .

I feel someone licking my face and I figure it's either Rico, or my husband, and either way I had better get up.
Of course, it was Rico wanting to go out and wee-wee, and he also wanted "breakfast".
I really need to get a "doggie door" installed, and one of those feeders that dispense the Kibbles N' Bits in a bowl at certain times.
Then I could sleep in once in awhile.

I woke up to a truly gorgeous day!
As a matter of fact, it's the third gorgeous day we've had in a row.

Oh by gosh, by golly!
I think Skin Season is upon us again!

I've resolved that I'm going to get some kind of tan this summer if it kills me.
I'm determined.

Possibly going to Happy Hour with the husband to shoot pool, but it all depends on how he's feeling when he gets home from work.