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Life is only what you wonder.

Monday, June 13, 2005

Gearing Up

Baltimore's Gay Pride is coming this weekend.
There's lots to do!

We have friends from NYC (Armstrong, whom I might have written about prevously, and his boyfriend Anthony) coming down to visit, and we're having a Pre-Pride Parade party at the house Saturday afternoon at around noon.
Not a big hoo-hah or anything, just cocktails and socializing before the parade begins at 4.

I've got a hair appointment for Friday morning, and sometime before now and then I need to go shopping for a new outfit.
Even if it's Old Navy or The Gap (god help me).
Looking fresh is not an option, it's mantatory.

My girl Blondie will be joining us for the festivities.
It's her very first Gay Pride Day, so showing her a good time is right at the top of my list.
Now that I think of it, Rico will be joining us for the festival on Sunday, so it'll be his first gay pride, too!
I should buy him a rainbow collar or tie a rainbow bandanna around his neck or something, I guess.

I'm sure it will be an adventure. It always is.

Forgive the lack of posts for the rest of this week. I'm just going to be too durn busy with all the preperations, plus I'm working all this week, too.
(You thought when I said Gay Pride was more of a big deal to me than New Year's Eve and my birthday combined, that I was kidding? No such luck.)

I might get a chance to post something before then, but no promises.

Happy Gay Pride!